Now Soliciting Holiday Short Stories

There I was trying to decide what to do here for the holidays when an idea came to me; short stories by everyone.  That’s right!  Blogs are semi-interactive, and this is time for you to interact.  If you visit the blog’s ULR or the website you will notice a new page “Amanda’s Blog’s Annual Holiday Short Stories”.  There you will find the “rules” for this upcoming interaction.  And an apology for not coming up with the idea sooner.

A quick summary of the page:

The holidays are about sharing.  What is begging to be shared more than a story?  Here at Amanda’s Blog I’ve been blessed to meet tons of people who can write.  (Even those that don’t seem to realize it.)  During December, Amanda’s Blog will run holiday stories written by a few of these talented people.  Stories will range from 500 words to 6,000 words.  The genres will vary, but so does the genre of music on your favorite radio station during December.

So, buddies of mine, here’s this year’s plan.  Everyone who wants to whip up a quick holiday story (even non-writers are welcome), get to writing.  Does it have to be a family saga set in West Texas circa late 1990s?  Nope!  Can it be about aliens?  As long as it is about some holiday the aliens celebrate in their culture.  Can it be about traumatic childhoods and abused kids’ holidays?  Sure, just keep it under 6,000 words.  Can it be about sisters who visit grandparents in the Appalachian Mountains?  You can even use Great-Grandma’s stories.  Can it be about dragons in Asia?  As long as it is holiday, I’ll take the story.

Know someone who doesn’t read the blog that might enjoy whipping up a short story for this project?  I am not going to make people “follow” or “subscribe” to the blog to join the fun.  Love the story so much you’d like to share it with your readers?  Go right ahead and put it on your blog.  (You can also link to it here at Amanda’s Blog, but I’m not gonna pressure you to.)

Next year I’m sure there will be a lot of rules to go with this when I have lots of readers.  But for this year, keep it between 500 and 6,000 words.  (Stories over 1,000 will be cut it to pieces for the blog.)  I’m also thinking of doing an archive over at my website, kinda like an analogy every year.  Email me the manuscript at amanda(at)amandanicoletrisdale(dot)com anytime between now and December 20th.  It can be for any holiday; Thanksgiving, Chanukah, Christmas, Kwanza, New Year’s Eve Celebrations, and that silly Seinfeld Holiday (I can’t remember the name) or your made up holiday to go with your usual work.  It can be modern, historical, sci-fi, children’s or whatever genre you write.

So, writers, dust off that holiday story that needs some polishing.  Non-writers, take your favorite tale about your family, write it down, and change people’s names.  Send those stories to amanda(at)amandanicoletrisdale(dot)com.  If it’s too short of notice for this year, keep it in mind for next year.  Or, comment away about how stupid the idea is below.

Let’s have a blast reading lots of holiday stories this year, and for years to come.

-Amanda Nicole



9 thoughts on “Now Soliciting Holiday Short Stories

  1. Amanda, as I told you last night, I love this idea and believe it or not, an idea for a short story came to mind. Of course, getting it all down in time will be the trick at this stage in my illustrious and hectic book launch. Oops, that wasn’t meant to be a promo or anything. But…I hope I can scoop this in somehow to you. It won’t be about sisters in the Appalachian Mountains, but I good feeling about it. ~Cathy

    • I wrote the blog post and scheduled it before I talked to you, Cathy. Guess I forgot to go pull out the part directed at you 🙂 If you can get a story done, that’s great! If not, we always have next year.

      And feel free to promote THE TALE OF OLE GREEN EYES here. THE TALE OF OLE GREEN EYES that is available on Amazon and your website Are autographed copies still available for the low price of $7.99?

      • No problem…I just wanted to show some love by sharing in your enthusiasm for this idea. Oh, I loved that you included me in your post like this! It’s flattering, really. (blush) I hope your response is fabulous! Thank you for thinking of me! 😉

      • Me, mad? NEVER! It would take a heap more than this to get me ticked off. Trust me! =D I’m in the midst of making our Thanksgiving feast, which we will begin enjoying tonight, as we travel on Thanksgiving Day to see family. Have an awesome day!

  2. What a fun idea! Here is a naive question from a non-writer- if it is a true story, why do I need to change the names?

    • For liability reasons. If someone doesn’t like how they look in a story that person tends to sue. (I know this because almost all of my political friends who have written tell-all books get letters saying “Prove this, or we sue!” Which is why I’m smart enough to say “Never gonna write a memoir. It’s a headache!”) If you change the names, you can go “Well, it’s not about you, Mark. See, my character’s named Bob, and the burden of proof is on you to prove ‘Bob’ is actually you. Have fun!” That’s pretty much the entire reason. But, I’ll run non-fiction if someone is willing to stand by their story.

      • After some more thought, I’m not sure why I even asked. I haven’t written anything except technical documents since I graduated college a long, long time ago. I don’t think a Powerpoint presentation is the same thing as a short story. But who knows…maybe inspiration will strike.

      • Ah, come on! Technical documents could be fun to read 🙂 Just think of it as a Powerpoint presentation. You could even write it in Powerpoint and then move it over to Word. It’d work. If inspiration strikes, let me know. I have plenty of room.

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