Querying Again!

So, after one of those productive days for writing, I had a very non-productive writing day.  Agents (for some odd reason) tend to change what genres they are representing.  So, little ol’ me decided to take most of the day and revise my agent list.  After all, I have the query letter done and the synopsis done.  And the story needs another day or two before I edit.

This was one of those “Yep, changes the past month” days.  I originally whipped this “wish list” up in October.  It’s November.  Four agents no longer represent family saga and one retired from the industry.  (Guess she’s off the list.)  Then there was the “Opps!  Accidently deleted who I had queried previously!”  Seriously, all but one of my queries went in the slush (Recycle Bin in the Sky) pile, and I’m pretty sure I remember who all I queried because I had two spreadsheets going.  Those agents are last on this project.

I also spent some time trolling agents’ websites again.  There was time spent rereading agent interviews and trying to figure out what each agent wants.  (Which is kinda hard.)  Tomorrow, I begin the process once more of querying!  Let’s see how it goes this round!



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