A Day of Getting Things Done

First off, please ignore any fears that might come through this post.  I went to the dentist yesterday, and I have this minor issue with dentists.  Just a small phobia, actually.  Minor, really.  That’s why my heart rate may have shot up to 110.  And there was only a small panic attack.  (See the heart rate.)  I’m not sure it is really a phobia seeing that the pain started during the X-rays.  (Small “non-adult sized” mouth, whatever that means.)  My mouth was bleeding after the X-rays.  Not the gums, but the top of my mouth where I got these little paper-cut like slits from the stupid X-ray film.  (See, dentist=bad!)  And the pain continued when the hygienist was cleaning my teeth.  I did like the “Oh, the blood is coming from your lips, not your gums.  That’s a new one,” comment.  (Note to dentists and hygienists: Gums are in the inside.  Lips are on the outside.  If the blood is running down a cheek it is probably coming from the outside.  Just sayin’, it’s a good chance it ain’t from the inside.  All I’m sayin’ is there’s a chance.)  Oh, and they found a “stain” that turned out to be a cavity.  Not sure how we went from “stain” to “cavity” in the course of two hours.  (Yep, I got my teeth cleaned in April, but it took two hours to clean them yesterday.)  So, yeah, not sure why I’m afraid of going back.  At least the dentist and hygienist let me work while they were working.

Somehow, even with a dental exam I managed to finish up the story for Glimmer Train Press, the synopsis, and the query letter!   I have to admit to being giddy!  Now comes the hard part.  A) I have to edit the story for the contest.  B) I have to reedit the query letter to remove my friend’s name before sending the letter to other agents.  (Okay, I am a little spacy at times.  I’m the idiot who at midnight during a campaign sent the English press releases to the Spanish media and the Spanish press releases to the rest.  I’m still not sure who ended up with the Japanese release.  The good news is the press corps got a laugh out of it.  The better news is that no one has ever asked me to help with communications again.)

I have figured out a way for me to write a synopsis.  I wrote a book report.  I’m not kidding.  I sat down with a printed copy of SWEET SIXTEEN and took notes like it was an assignment for school.  When I was done, I had a synopsis.  Yes!  From now on, every time I have to write a synopsis (which is actually for every book) I will do the same thing.  So, synopsis writing is no longer a scary thing I can’t do.  It’s just another paperwork thing I have to do to get my books published.

One more thing that no longer scares me in life.  Now if I could just get over my phobia of dentists everything would be swell.



4 thoughts on “A Day of Getting Things Done

  1. Wow!All I can say is, “I wish my dental appointments were that productive.” However, I do get the phobia thing. I’ve had this fear ever since I can remember about going to the dentist. Anyone who cames at my face with this gigantor needle then, “Whoa, back off dude before someone gets hurt!” and I can with complete confidence it’s not gonna be me. =D

    • I’m the one who usually is like “Excuse me, but I’m a little busy at the moment. If you promise not to interfere too much, I promise not to ‘accidently’ throw you to the ground with my foot on your throat.” Though, my little sister did actually bite a hygienist once. Something about being single digits and the hygienist using adult x-ray film.

  2. I feel your pain! Dentist time for me today too! We are simpatico! I got drilled on, but a 2 hour cleaning sounds brutal! If it were me that would send me to bed for the rest of the day. I did pretty good at my appointment and actually have a tooth now. The crown comes next!

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