If I Forget to Post

I have one little itty bitty paragraph giving me difficulties right now.  It’s not for the query letter (which should be sent out this afternoon.)  It’s not the synopsis.  Nope, it’s one little paragraph for the story I’m submitting to the Glimmer Train Press Short Story Award for New Writers’ Contest.  Just one little paragraph that does not seem to like me.  Which is actually a pretty good number of paragraphs to hate you in a story you’ve been writing for less than a month.

You’d think I’d just walk away, but this certain paragraph seems to call to me.  This is the same story I started during the last couple weeks of the campaign.  I just need to figure out how to close the story in a timely manner.  That’s what is horrible about short stories.  You have to get your point across without dragging the story on.  Or, maybe that’s what’s great about a short story.  I’m still well under the max word count for the contest.  The story cannot exceed 12,000 words.  I’m sitting at 2,620 words.  But, this is one of those stories where more is not better.

Not that I’m complaining. I’m just trying to explain why I may be spotty in blog posts over the next couple days.  If I suddenly go missing it is because the story has me under its spell.  Hopefully, Glimmer Train Press picks up the story and you can all rush out to buy it sometime next year.

-Amanda Nicole



6 thoughts on “If I Forget to Post

  1. I can’t wait for someone to pick up your stories, Amanda. I want to be able to read each syllable that’s flowed poetically from you mind into printed text across the pages of Glimmer Train Press’s magazine. I’ll keep my fingers crossed and say a little prayer for your success.

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