“Can I Use Your Agent?”

Ack!  Here’s the worst idea I’ve ever had in my life.  A friend of mine just referred me to her agent.  As in “Use my name when you query (Agent’s Name)” referred.  As in my friend is trying to help me out, and I’m now terrified.  This has my heart racing and palms sweating.  What if the agent thinks I’m a horrible writer?  Will my friend think I’ve used my friend?  (Seriously, this is one of the reasons I thought I’d never use a friend to get in the door of a publishing agency.)  On the other hand, what if this is my big break and I become a best-selling author with this agent?  (Yes, this is where Sherri tells me to think positive.  Yep, I do feel lucky to have a cheering section.)  Oh, and I haven’t even written the synopsis for SWEET SIXTEEN.  I am still trying to get the query letter fixed up.  Oh, be still my beating heart!

This would be where a smart person would go “Thanks, but I’ll pass!” Yeah, not me.  After freaking out and sending a “Are you sure you don’t mind me using your name?” email, I sat down to work on my dang query letter.  After two months of working on this thing it has to be close to done.  And then I went to work on the synopsis.  (For those of you unaware of what a synopsis is, just think of a book report from late elementary school or middle school.  A synopsis is a one to two page “report” on what your book is about.  That I can do a little easier than a query letter.)

This might be a good place to state trying to write a synopsis while your heart is fluttering and your palms are sweaty is not the best idea.  So, the lavender tea came out.  And the deep breathing exercises.  Oh, and the chocolate.  Because what is better for butterflies than chocolate?  (Soy-free, of course, so the butterflies can still breathe.)  Then I sat down at the kitchen table to write a synopsis and finish a query letter for SWEET SIXTEEN.

Well, it’ll probably take one more day to finish both the synopsis and the query letter.  And then I’ll bite the bullet and send the query, synopsis and first three chapters off to this agent.

While I’m busy writing, why not go check out http://cathykennedystories.blogspot.com?  Cathy is a newly published children’s author! Her story, THE TALE OF OLE GREEN EYES, is available on Amazon and Barnes& Nobles.  Brittany and Nicole are two kids visiting their grandparents for a weekend of fun and adventure.  Great-Grandma’s true story of a face-to-face meeting with a wild panther and PawPaw’s warnings about wild critters go unheeded until the girls spot a large paw print in the dirt and darkness begins to fall.  Go buy your copy today, and a few for the kids you need Christmas presents for.

-Amanda Nicole

PS: Go make a veteran feel uncomfortable today.  The easiest way to make a vet uncomfortable is to simply say “Thank You!”  It works every time.  Try it today.  After all, it is Veterans’ Day.



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