What To Do For The Holidays

Before we get to today’s post, allow me to take a moment to say “HAPPY BIRTHDAY!” to all of the Marines out there.  For 235 years the US Marines have stood guard protecting the United States from all enemies that have threatened her.  They have fought in Tripoli, Montezuma, Iwo Jima, Normandy, Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan.  And, they look great in their uniforms!  Not that I have spent my entire life near men in uniform, drooling over the good looking Marines.  So, to all of my friends in the Marines: Have a great birthday!  And try to be responsible with your partying.  I know it is hard, but the other branches can throw a birthday party without getting drunk.  It can be done.

Now to today’s post:

Sometime yesterday I realized something.  The holidays are coming up!  I have most of the presents bought.  I’ve got the meals planned.  (Pizza and hot wings for Thanksgiving while pretending the Cowboys might actually win a game.)  I have a “dead month” scheduled where I figure agents would prefer not being annoyed with query letters.  I have cornered my husband about taking holiday pictures soon so I can order our Holiday Cards.  I have almost every detailed planned.

What I haven’t managed to plan is my blog!  Seriously, I totally spaced the blog!  I guess I should do something special for the blog.  I’m just not quite sure what I want to do.  It occurs to me that I can’t exactly put up a Christmas tree and string lights around here.  (Unless anyone has a great way to do that on WordPress.)  So, somewhere between editing a query letter, prioritizing agents to annoy with said query letter, working on this month’s contest submission, and trying to figure out if I think I’m ready for Harper’s I will try to figure out what to do with the blog this holiday season.

Maybe I’ll just attempt to hang Christmas Lights on the blog after Thanksgiving.

-Amanda Nicole



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