You’d Think I’d Be Used To This

There I was taking my half day off when I got a nice little email from an agent.  One would think I’d be used to this.  Yeah, not so much.  Oh well, the pain of rejection didn’t last as long as it could have.

I did spend the rest of the afternoon rewriting my query letter.  I’ve finally gotten the closing paragraph down.  I have the opening paragraph down.  It’s the middle “Sum up the book in a four sentences or less” part that I am struggling with.  Part of me is convinced I am just trying to find perfection when none exists.

Today’s plan is to work on my next contest piece and forget about the query letter.  Besides, when I win a contest that will look great in my query letter.

-Amanda Nicole


2 thoughts on “You’d Think I’d Be Used To This

  1. G’morning Amanda…sorry hear about the email, darn it….you know, here’s what I say…..

    When the rejection letters stop upsetting you, that’s means you don’t care anymore; you need to care…..good luck with the contest….


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