Half A Day Off

Why am I taking a half day today?  I am still suffering from that dang cold.  It settled in my ear and sinuses.  And yesterday I drove from Aurora, Colorado to Las Cruces, New Mexico in about 10 hours.  (That’s about what a 680 mile drive.)  Oh, and my husband failed to buy food for us or the dogs this weekend.  So, I need to go shopping!  I’m just going to take the morning to readjust to being home.  Then, I’m going to go back to finding an agent!  I’ve got my list ready.  I just need to prioritize who gets a query first.  I’m actually looking forward to querying agents again.  I’ve gone insane.

-Amanda Nicole

PS: For everyone who was wondering, no I haven’t heard back on the partial request.  Yes, I’m still nervous about someone finally reading part of my novel.  But, I’m going to go on while I wait.


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