Politics Is Over

Sorry about the extended break without notice.  Politics got a tad overwhelming those last days.  One would think that I would realize things will get interesting, but I never do seem to learn.  It’s time to escape the insanity and retreat back to the world of trying to get published.

Not that I completely left the “trying to get published” world behind.  While twiddling my thumbs on Tuesday, I edited a query letter for “Sweet Sixteen” that I wrote Saturday.  (I run Get Out The Vote efforts, so on Election Day I am sitting around waiting for problems to happen.  And this was before the problem happened and lawyers were in court.)  I wrote most of a short story for the next Glimmer Train Press contest.  I attempted (and obviously failed) to keep up with the blog.  Oh, and I got a partial request from an agent!  So, yeah, not so sure I left the dream behind.

This is more of leaving politics behind.  Every year about this time I assure everyone that this is my last rodeo.  I’m done!  I’m gone!  And sometime around March of the next cycle I get roped in to one campaign.  That one campaign becomes two, and I find myself deeply involved.  This time as I was finishing up some paperwork at the office here in Colorado I realized something.  In two years it is completely possible that I will be holding my book in my hand.

This leads me to one story from the campaign trail.  I may have told a friend of mine who is a Congressman about my dream of becoming an author.  He was quiet for a moment before chuckling and shaking his head.  Being slightly insulted, I asked what was so funny.  The Congressman smiles, looks at me and goes “Honey, best-selling authors have two things going for them.  Now, you can write.  You write well.  You hold the second most important job in the campaign; possibly the most important.  Candidates work for you, not you for them.  You know more people in the press than my own press secretary.  Your phone reads like a ‘Who’s Who’.  But, every single time an elected official enters a room, you head straight for the back of the crowd.  We gotta go track you down.  And heaven forbid we have press with us.  You’d think they carried the plague the way you avoid them.  But, you go right on thinkin’ you can become a best-selling author without overcoming your fear of the spotlight.  Go right ahead.”

Of course, I claimed I had no fear of the spotlight.  That’s when he mentioned the local television station was outside the office.  And that’s when I suddenly had something to do in the inner office.  Not my fault the inner office is a “Non-Staffer Free Zone” and the press can’t come in.

Goodbye politics!  Goodbye advanced calculus!  Goodbye living in other people’s shadows!  Hello spotlight!  Well, just as long as there are no pictures and I don’t have to talk to the press.

-Amanda Nicole

PS: Sorry to leave without notice.  Y’all deserve better than that.


3 thoughts on “Politics Is Over

  1. We will miss you here. I know you are ready to be back with everyone back at your 2nd home. Just remember you are loved and always welcome here. I know you are going to be writing up a storm. You have so many new characters to put in short stories. Love you, Mom

  2. It was definitely great to talk with you about politics and life in general when you were here. I haven’t ever really had a chance to sit down and talk with you before. You are so amazing and brilliant! I know you can go far and meet your dream of being a published author. Hope to see you again!

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