A Small Bit of News

PARTY TIME!  Okay, not quite a full party, but a little party.  Very little party.  With lots of hope!  I got a partial request from an agent!  In other words, an agent asked me for the first 50 pages of the manuscript I had decided to toss!  Oh, and this was off the query letter that – to put it mildly – sucked!  I was in a lunch meeting and might have made my friend/semi-co-worker reread the email a few times.  Little ol’ me thought it had to be a rejection.

After all, this agency may have said on their website that if you have not heard from them in two(2) weeks to assume you have been rejected.  Said agency has been sitting on the query letter since August.  Don’t know why I would have written them off.

Here’s how it went.  I’m one week from an election, so I’ve been getting upwards of 500 emails a day.  This one went to my email that only a few people have.  But, I thought it was political.  So, like Jack and I had been doing the entire meeting, I checked my email.  Noticing the subject line (“Submission”) I figured it was another rejection.  That’s when I read the one sentence saying the agency wanted the first 50 pages!  I may not have believed the email.  Somehow, after making Jack read it, I went back to the meeting about my candidate.

I then rushed to my parents’ house.  (My 3G card I am living off of will not upload that big of a file.)  Downtown Denver to Aurora is a bit further than say Downtown Las Cruces to almost Organ (where we live.)  Of course, I tried calling my husband.  The man I love and want to spend the rest of my life with.  Also currently known as the man who won’t answer or return my phone calls.  (Hello, life changing event here!  I was seriously thinking of not writing another query letter, but this has changed my mind.)  Anywho, I then called a couple of really good friends.  I got to my parents’ house while my mother was out shopping.  You can guess what my mother was thinking when her eldest daughter comes bounding out of the house as soon as the minivan pulls up.

About this time my computer finally came out of hibernation.  It took 75 seconds.  (Not that I was counting.)  I then wrote a quick email to the agency, along with sending both a Word document and a PDF.  Why take any chances that they wanted the other format?  I sent off the sample, and now comes the worry that my next email from the agency will be a rejection.  Urg!  I hate this part.  But I do love finally getting a request for my writing.

I’ll write more once I get past this whole emotional high!

-Amanda Nicole



11 thoughts on “A Small Bit of News

  1. Oh how cool for you Amanda! Now instead of assuming a rejection letter will follow, put a scenerio in your head that you want and believe it will happen. The law of attraction, and always, always, if you have a negative though, quickly replace it with two positive thoughts…

    I am so happy for you, in fact, my day is better!


    • I’m trying to stay positive, Sherri. I’ll write a whole post tomorrow on the confusion with this response. Seriously, I’d given up on this book, so this is totally out of left field. But, I’m going to believe that the agency will request the entire manuscript. Which might be a problem since I don’t think THE EARLY YEARS is on my laptop’s hard drive. THE EARLY YEARS is on the hard drive back in Las Cruces. Might be time to phone my husband and ask for him to email it to me.

    • I need all the luck I can get. Hopefully I’ll be the one in a year or so posting about almost having my book in my hands. I’m excited for you! Can’t wait to order “The Tale of Ole Green Eyes!”

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