Another Loss

Okay, I get that Glimmer Train Press is a hard competition.  I do realize everyone and their dog wants to be published in Glimmer Train Press.  I’m okay with the fact Glimmer Train Press is selective.  Sadly enough, I will admit that the story I entered was not that great compared to some of the other literary pieces of work I have seen in Glimmer Train Press.

Not that I am giving up!  I will not give up!  I am now going to keep entering contests at Glimmer Train Press until I get that win!  And, yes, part of me is thinking about entering the story I am currently writing this month.  Won’t happen, because it is six days from the deadline, seven from my portion of campaigning being complete, eight from Election Day, and, oh yeah, the story isn’t even out of the first draft.  I’m pretty sure I’d die of embarrassment if anyone read the story in its current form.

Guess I know what the first few weeks of November will be spent doing.  But, I love it!

-Amanda Nicole



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