Feeling Better!

I’m feeling better.  Thanks for all of the well wishes.  Now, if I could just get through the stress of the next eight days…

I have to admit to slacking with the political job, too.  Little ol’ me spent Friday in bed working.  I still only got three hours of sleep.  Yet, staying in bed was quite nice versus going to the office and being in the hectic political world.  It is nice at times to be the person normally hidden from the others.  I don’t think anyone noticed I was missing.

Saturday I tried to put in a full day.  Somewhere around 7:00 pm I hit a wall.  I was tired, sick and stressed.  Changing programs on the computer, I promised myself I’d only write a few lines before I went back to working on the numbers.  I hadn’t touched Alexandria and gang since I got to Colorado.  What would a few moments with my favorite female lead hurt?

Ha!  A few minutes?  Midnight rolled around before I put the computer down.  Alexandria and Peter continued to tell their story to me as I dreamed.  And I woke up feeling rejuvenated at 5:00 in the morning.

A good me was supposed to go right to work on numbers.  I checked, and we had no new updates from the Secretary of State’s office.  And that’s when I noticed my Word Doc was still opened.  Little ol’ me thought “Just a few more minutes…”  I did get work done, after spending an hour rewriting what I wrote Saturday night.  My “few moments” turned in to 5,000 words.  And it felt good.

Oh, in case anyone was wondering, that 5,000 words is an almost complete short story I am going to submit to Glimmer Train Press for the November contest.  I don’t think it’ll get polished before Halloween to meet this month’s contest deadline.  If it doesn’t win the Glimmer Train Press November contest, I’ll work a bit more on the polish before submitting it to Harper’s Magazine.  Now, to figure out how to write a query letter, write a short story, Get Out The Vote, and finish getting over the flu all at the same time…



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