Every Blog Needs a Button

Creating a button for the blog sounded easy.  After all, I write code.  How hard can a button be to create?  Especially when I had code to start from?  We aren’t talking a dang website, and I have that.  (www.amandanicoletrisdale.com)  It should be easy.

I borrowed my code from Mama Kat and her blog post about creating a blog.  Her post is at http://www.mamakatslosinit.com/2010/01/blog-tips-how-to-make-your-own-blog-button/, in case you’d like to read how to do this from someone who didn’t spend a few days cursing images.

I figured the code should be fine, so I spent a few minutes getting a blog button image all figured out.

That’s when I looked at the code.  It had it set up for Photobucket.  I hopped over to Photobucket and set up an account for my blog button photo.  Then I grabbed the direct link – which is what the instructions said to do – and put the link in to the code.  Except, that’s when I found an issue.  I got a “This picture has been moved or deleted from Photobucket” instead of my picture.  Okay, people, this is bad!

I’m now running late by about half an hour, so the button gets put to the side.  By time I got back, I decided I didn’t like the original button.  So, new button idea with new figurine.

Upload to Photobucket again.  This time it has to work.  Right?  Yeah, wrong.  (Can I blame it on doing this with a sinus headache?)

Next brilliant idea was to put the image in the WordPress Library.  Yeah, that got me a red X.  Back to Mama Kat’s blog to see what I was doing wrong.  Nothing, okay, this is just not cool, people!  Off to Photobucket to see what they say.  “If someone deletes a picture you get this message…”  Yeah, well, what if the picture is there but I’m getting the message.  Okay, trying different links.  Fun!

Tweaking and opening the web page compiler to figure out what my coding issue is.  Turns out that the lovely Photobucket was adding a “t” to the end of the dang line of their code!  Issue fixed, the button goes on the blog.

Until I realize the dang words aren’t readable.  New button time.

And once more, the words can’t be read.  So, back to Corel to fix issues.

That’s when the dang issue with missing image came back.  (Grumbling under my breath!)  New idea?  Reboot computer!  Because reboot is always the answer.

That’s when I realized there was an “http:” issue.  The code dropped the “http:” from the address for the image.  The address became “//i1217.photobucket.com/albums/dd391/antrisdale/BlogPic6-1.jpg”.  That’s an issue.  Fixing the minor problem got me a button!

Now that I had a button, I figured I’d help out a friend or two.  So, adding their images to my photo album, I removed the code for my blog and put in the code for their blog.  It took all of two minutes to create the extra buttons.  My blog roll can start looking cooler with actual JPGs.

For those of you looking for a code for a button, Mama Kat’s blog has a great code.  It’s easy for anyone to copy and use.  You can find it on her blog at http://www.mamakatslosinit.com/2010/01/blog-tips-how-to-make-your-own-blog-button/.  I’d totally go over there and check out her lesson if I were you.

-Amanda Nicole

PS: And after I did all of that work, my friend, Lisa, from over at Lisa’s Urban Nostalgia was sweet enough to send me a new header graphic for my blog.  So, new business cards and a new button that looks better!


2 thoughts on “Every Blog Needs a Button

  1. Great blog – great post! Found you at Natural Wonders. And I’m a “SITS Girl” too!! I’m a big Nelson DeMille fan. He was the brother-in-law of a friend of mine. I got to meet him and he signed several of his books that I had read. Good luck with your writing! Don’t give up!!! I look forward to reading your novels someday 🙂

    Hugs – C

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