Rejection Right Now? Seriously?

In one of those “I love you, honey, but you’re horrible” moments, I called my husband on Friday.  I’m a little stressed with the campaign.  Okay, I’m a bit more than a little.  Anywho, I called my husband because he’s at home and my ballot was supposed to be delivered to our home.  This is when he asks if I want some other envelopes sent up to Colorado.  No, dear, I do not want rejection letters sent to me when I’m stressed!  Seriously, not on my Top Ten List of things to receive when life is going smoothly.  Nowhere near it during the stressful moments!

Anywho, that means I’ve been rejected, again.  You’d think I’d be used to this by now.  All I can think of is “Well, you agents are aware when I get a big best seller and you all want to sign little ol’ me I’ll be with whoever took a chance on me, right?”  Yeah, I know.  I’m a crazy little dreamer.  But, I like dreaming.

The good news is the book they rejected is no longer around.  (Long time readers of the blog will remember that I split the book in to three parts and made the book a prequel to the novel I am currently shopping around.)  And, it does mean only 31 rejections so far.  I’ve been told this is not very high.  And “The Early Years” had a major problem besides its length.  My query letter was horrible.  I did three different ones, and they all were horrible.  So, live and learn.  This next query letter will be perfect.  Right?

And maybe this rejection is just leading to bigger and better things.  After all, the more rejections I get, the longer it takes me to get published.  The longer it takes me to get published, the more readers my blog can get.  The more readers the blog gets, the more likely I have people willing to go buy my books and tell their friends all about it.  (Pre-orders, even at the bookstore, are wonderful.)  The more people and their friends who buy my book, the more likely I get to publish the rest of the story.  So, maybe this rejection is just another way of letting me gather a mini-following before I go big time.  Yep, I’m dreaming again.  But dreaming is what got me in to this place to begin with.

Back to the last fifteen days of the campaign.  Alexandria Houston will never, ever be dumb enough to get this involved in politics.  She’ll realize quite quickly that one cannot change the world through politics, right?  Alexandria is smarter than me.  Or, so I hope.

-Amanda Nicole


2 thoughts on “Rejection Right Now? Seriously?

  1. Hi’ya Amanda:

    I agree, what were you thinking? Politics? Are you trying to dig yourself an early grave m’dear?

    Ok, enough said about that. Now about your getting published, I do not know alot but I do know enough to not envy your position. I wonder how many times the greats got turned down? Alot I am sure. At least, Amanda, you are in the game!

    I have yet to read your material, when I am on the computer I am busy trying to “show myself”. lol….I promise I will get to it, I am curious as to your style…

    Anyhoo got to get to work……tomorrow’s your feature!! YaY!

    • I can’t wait to be featured on your blog!

      Some of the greats got turned down a lot. (Stephen King actually made a book out of his rejection letters, some 400+ when one includes publishing companies.) I guess I just start feeling down when I get another letter stating someone doesn’t like me. It’s kind of depressing, especially when I’m stressed with the real job (politics.)

      And, yeah, I’m trying to dig myself an early grave. I remember quiting in 2008, and 2006, and 2004. I wonder if my “I quit politics!” letter will work this year? We’ll know in two years.

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