My Candidate

Alright, I admit.  I knew coming back to run GOTV on a campaign with less than 21 days left was gonna be a bit hard.  At no time did I think I might forget to post on the blog.  Yesterday’s post didn’t even get written.  Between entering in multiple months worth of canvassing data and trying to decipher the numbers, I spaced the blog.  And, I pretty much would say I did the same thing today.  So, please forgive me for being a bit lax.

If you’re really find yourself bored and want to see about a candidate you probably aren’t gonna have a chance to vote for, my candidate’s website is  Su’s a wonderful woman who I admire.  She is the owner of a small marketing firm located in Denver, Colorado.  (Ryden and Associates also does communications for businesses.)  Su has been married for a few years to a great man named Jerome Ryden.  (I usually try not to say anything about my candidate’s spouses, but Jerome really helped a lot with the last campaign.  And they both got me a wonderful bottle of whiskey as a “Thank You” gift, which made my year!)  Su is one of those people who is a little in to saving old buildings.  (I love history, so I think Su’s efforts are great.)  Oh, and Su and Jerome have a son who became a doctor.  Impressive, or so I think.

Su is a horrible politician.  I mean the woman is a campaign staff’s worst nightmare come to life.  The reason?  Su doesn’t know how to hide her beliefs or her opinions!  Seriously, as much as I love Su, sometimes I just wanna go “Stop talking and giving them ammunition!”  Now, this is usually on minor stuff.  There’s this old building here in town most people want to see torn to the ground.  Not Su.  The building has unique architecture and is old.  Su wants the building on the National Historical Registry.  Like I said, fairly minor since the building is just sitting there.

So, that’s who is getting the bulk of my attention for the next seventeen days.  I promise to try to remember the blog exists.  Really, I do.  But, if I forget a post or two please don’t shoot me.  Then no one will know what happens to my characters.

-Amanda Nicole


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