Why Not to Write Two Things At Once

In case anyone was wondering, trying to write a query letter while trying to write Get Out the Vote phone scripts does not work.  The reason for this is simple.  It would seem that one (Amanda Nicole) has an issue not separating the two documents.  The query letter looked like this:

Dear (Agent’s Last Name),

Alexandria Houston was a sixteen year old genius foster child caught between a corrupt ATF agent and the grandfather she hasn’t seen in ten years.  The ATF agent has spent years controlling Alexandria’s fate in order to use Alexandria as the tool that will take her grandfather down.  Alexandria’s grandfather has spent the last ten years attempting to bring his beloved granddaughter back home to his neo-Nazi militia complex in West Texas.

Have you received your mail in ballot yet?  You should receive it by 28 October.  If you don’t receive it by then, please contact the Arapahoe County Clerk’s Office at 303.795.4511.

SWEET SIXTEEN is a 85,000 word family genre novel.  I would love to submit the manuscript for you to read.  Hopefully, you will love SWEET SIXTEEN as much as I do.

The fastest way to make these political phone calls stop for the year is to turn in your ballot.  You can either mail your ballot back, or you can drop it off at two locations in the city.  The first is Arapahoe County Clerk & Recorder’s Office 490 S. Chambers Rd. hours 7:00-4:30 M-F.  The second is Aurora City Clerk’s Office 15151 E. Alameda Pkwy., Ste. 1400 hours 8:00-5:00 M-F.  Or, you can mail your ballot back to the Arapahoe County Clerk’s Office.


Amanda Nicole Trisdale.

Yep, this just does not work.  I’m pretty sure the agents don’t care about voting in this election.  At least, not in an election in Colorado.  This has convinced me that I cannot try to write a phone script and a query letter at the same time.  Or, I should make sure that I am writing stuff on the right Word document.  The good news is I didn’t send the letter off, or place the script in the phone bank.

(That would have been funny.  Can you imagine getting a political phone call that included a pitch for a book?  It’d probably be better than the phone calls voters are receiving at the moment.)

Well, back to working on both the script and the query letter.  I need both done in the next few hours.

-Amanda Nicole



4 thoughts on “Why Not to Write Two Things At Once

  1. Oh Amanda, what are a card you are! This truly is funny, but what have been even funnier is you send it in as is and get someone who wants to see your manuscript. Wouldn’t that be a hoot?

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