“I Can’t Write Without the Right Stuff”

While up in Colorado for the election, I am staying with my family.  This means spending time with my nieces.  My four year old niece is in pre-K and already cheating!  Why?  My four year old niece (we’ll call her “Donna”) is terrified of writing.  I have heard every excuse in the book on why Donna can’t write her ABC’s.  “I don’t have the right paper.”  “I don’t have the book.”  “I don’t know how to write, so I have to find the book that shows me how to write.”  “I can’t do it.”  “I will not.”

I’m not kidding.  As I sit here typing, Donna is in the other room yelling “I’m not doing it!”  I tried writing the ABCs for Donna.  That’s when she started running away going “I’m not gonna write it until I find something!”  I did get a demonstration on how to trace letters and numbers.  Donna is scared stiff she will write her letters and numbers wrong.  She can recognize her letters.  Donna just won’t attempt to write her letter.

Oh, and cheating!  Donna’s best friend at pre-K is doing Donna’s writing assignments for Donna.  I guess that’s one way of doing school work.

It took me an hour to get Donna to write anything for me.  Donna did write my name for me.  Then she wrote my sixteen year old sister’s name, too.  After a while, Donna did start spelling everyone’s names.  I guess she’s just terrified of making a mistake.

This will have to work its way in to Alexandria’s life.  We’ll see how and when four year old Alexandria appears, or if it is a daughter or niece.

One would think that as often as the girls read, Donna would be excited about learning to write.  Oh well, like mother like child.  Donna’s mother was terrified of making mistakes.  Actually, Donna’s mother is still terrified of making mistakes.

-Amanda Nicole


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