A Minor Change of Course

Shockingly, I was just minding my own business when one of my old politicians emailed and asked if I was coming back for the October crunch.  You can imagine my surprise since I was pretty sure her campaign didn’t want me around.  Oh well, it is always nice to be needed.  So, hubby is finally home and I’m gone.  We’ve got to get this to work better sometime in the future!

Between now and Election Day (November 2), I’ll be posting smaller posts or parts of the book.  I promise to keep my politics to a minimum on the blog.  But, since I do love the candidate an awful lot, I might mention her once or twice.

So, let’s see.  I’ll be trying to write a query letter and running GOTV for a campaign.  Oh, and keeping up on my writing.  Anyone else think I’ve gone insane?  Or is it just me?  Oh, and book club!  Wonder if anyone would notice me busily engaging in an online book club while attending meetings and fundraisers?  Yep, I’ve gone insane.  But, it’s what one does for friends.

Don’t forget to vote!

-Amanda Nicole


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