I Should Be Writing a Query Letter

My query letter is not coming along.  It is actually still the old query letter.  Urg!  I have the biggest writer’s block on this wonderful letter.  Anyone have any lucky charms to offer up?  I’m kidding.  I just need to have a long discussion with Tony about his job description.  Lucky charms/little pony figures should keep the writer’s block away on the most important letter of my life.  (Dear Tony, yes, I am publically airing our problems.  But you are not doing your job, so we must redefine our relationship.  Perhaps ours should remain a political relationship.  Unless you would like to start working on my literary career.  Sincerely, Amanda Nicole.)

Meanwhile, as I am supposedly writing my query letter, I’ve got a new idea for a short story.  Yeah, writing for Glimmer Train Press’ contest was not on my plan.  I do want to conquer the Short Short Story now.  I want to at least break the Top 25.  Okay, we all know that as soon as I say “Hey, I broke in to the Top 25 in the Short Short Story Contest” the next sentence will be “I can win this next quarter!”

So, the good news is that Thursday I gave a friend an overview on how to blog and hopefully got him started down the right road to blogging.  I bought chocolate for an evening of programming with friends.  I stared at a blank white screen that should have contained my query letter.  I figured out what I want my story to be for the November contest!  That’s weird, since I usually have no idea what I am doing until I am in the middle of writing.  Had a wonderful cup of herbal tea that made me feel better after feeling bad all week long.  (Thank you, neighbor Jeanette.)  And worked on said story idea.  (Which will be very liberal, but hey, I am young and liberal.)

Anyone think I have a major mental block with the query letter?  Maybe I should try something new.  Ideas, anyone?

-Amanda Nicole


4 thoughts on “I Should Be Writing a Query Letter

  1. Wait…you’re liberal?! We can’t be friends anymore, sorry.

    On another note…I think you need a break. Go do something fun, just for you, and don’t even think the words “query letter” for 24 hours. Then when you get back, just write down what you want to say in your own words, don’t worry about format. Then take that to your writer friends and let them help you put your words into correct format. That’s my advice…and, as you know, I know nothing about writing, so take it at your own risk.

    • We’ve been friends too long. You can’t break up with me after this long 🙂 It’s in the contract. I think I’ll try packing and driving up to Colorado instead of writing a query letter.

  2. Hi’ya Amanda

    So maybe you are thinking too hard for the query letter; notice how when you were thinking about the letter that all of a sudden you thought of your short short story?

    When I find myself thinking too hard, I actually say this, out loud, to myself “okay brain, I am leaving this to you to figure out”. Then I stop thinking of it and usually anywhere from 5 minutes to a day, it just “pops” up out of my brain.

    Does this make since? Or did I explain screwy???


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