On to the Next Contest

Wow!  Feel like no one reads what you write and suddenly you get lost of comments on a blog post.  Thanks everyone for the great words of encouragement on yesterday’s post.  I do plan to keep going.  I probably won’t enter the Glimmer Train Press contest this month.  I agreed to help a friend with her political campaign.  Running her Get out the Vote effort may take a little bit of time.  (Okay, a lot of time.)  But, November is another Short Short Story Contest.  I am now determined to win the Short Short Story Contest.

The rules are as follows for the Short Short Story Contest:

Must be unpublished

No children’s stories

No novels or novel excerpts.

No more than 12,000 words for this contest

This one is open only to new writers who have not been published

Open from 1 November to 30 November.  Results will be published 31 January.

There are all the rules.  Simple, really.  Now, all I have to do is try to come up with the perfect story.  I figure Alexandria Houston can have a nice little adventure in 12,000 words or less.  And I will figure out how to not be “wordy.”  At least, I hope I will.

-Amanda Nicole


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