Lost a Contest

Bad news is never fun, but I figured I should mention I got some more.  I didn’t win Glimmer Train Press’ August Short Short Story Contest.  The results came out Thursday of last week.  It was my first contest that I have ever entered.  So, I guess entering a contest is itself kinda good news.  Glimmer Train Press receives hundreds of entries for their contests.  Not making the Top 25 doesn’t mean my writing is bad.  It just means I need to do something else to get my work noticed with Glimmer Train Press.

I also realized something very interesting.  Short Short Stories is an extremely hard genre.  Have you ever tried telling a complete story in under 6,000 words?  Oh, and not a children’s story?  It seems impossible.  I don’t know.  Maybe I just enjoy being wordy.  (Alright, I like using lots of words.)  A whole story in 6,000 words turns out to be a lot of work.  I wasn’t expecting that little issue.

Oh well, live and learn.  There is always another contest to enter and another story to write.

-Amanda Nicole


8 thoughts on “Lost a Contest

  1. Just keep plunking away at it. We can only get better with the practice, right? And like you commented, you now know something more than you did before you entered the contest.
    I think the hardest part is, that after all the sweat and tears and hard work we put into a story only to find out it STILL wasn’t quite good enough. It feels personal, even though it’s not.

  2. Well like you said, Amanda; entering your first contest is a great feat all it’s own!

    Hang in there and keeep entering…


    P.s I like wordy too! “)

  3. Live and learn that’s good when you master the short on words would you pass that lesson on to me? I’ve been told I use to many words over and over. Oh, maybe that’s where you get it.

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