Guess Who’s Back?

I’m back!  (Anyone miss me?)  Two weeks of not really worrying about a query letter was just what the doctor ordered.  The last couple of days I began to ponder if I really wanted to try this whole querying process again.  After some serious self-doubt I decided to continue going forward.  So, back to trying to write a query letter this week.  At least I know what doesn’t work (all of my previous versions.)  I am hoping it was just a mental block.

(Hey, my other chance of getting published is for some literary agent to accidently stumble upon this blog.  When they do, said agent will be so enthralled by my writing that they will immediately contact me about becoming my agent.  Yep, it’ll happen just like that.  Okay, the likelihood of an agent just stumbling upon my blog when they have hundreds of query letters passing their desk every week is zilch.  Dreaming has never hurt anyone.  In fact, this whole journey is a pipe dream filled with a lot of hard work.)

Two weeks without thinking about query letters (until someone mentioned it casually over supper one night, which is not a casual conversation with me) and two weeks of semi-vacation has convinced me to keep the dream alive.  Today will be dedicated to writing a query letter.  I’ll forget about it for two days, and on Wednesday I will look at it again.  Then, I’ll leave it alone until sometime next week.  At which point, I’ll do another draft.  That draft, or one close to it, will probably make it on the blog.

As for what I did on vacation…

My husband and I went to White Sands National Monument for a hike.

The Beginnings of life in the dune field
White Sand Dunes National Monument
More life deep in the dune field

Then we went to Rock City to hike.

Rock City from the Parking Lot
On the trail to Rock City
A tree growing in Rock City
A Cactus in Rock City

After that we went up to Silver City to see where Billy the Kid grew up and had his first brush with the law.

Where Main Street used to be in Silver City
The buildings not washed away in a flood.
The buildings not washed away in a flood.
Copper Ore in Silver City, along with silver

We unpacked more boxes, and found my long sleeved shirts.  (I’m headed to Colorado for the last couple of weeks of the campaign and might need warm clothing.)

We hit Mesilla for some food at La Posta de Mesilla and some more shopping.

The Historical Marker for La Posta de Mesilla
The Catholic Church in Mesilla

I picked up this great little figurine.  It is a Storyteller.  Yeah, I am aware that the Storyteller is not gonna help me become a famous story teller.  But, still, this is my dream and I figure a Storyteller can help somehow.  Notice the open mouth?  That’s because she’s telling the stories of the tribe to the next generation.  (My husband thought this was a fertility figurine.  I had to explain it to him.  You’d think the big sign would have been a clue.)

A Storyteller figurine

I also had an issue trying habanero dill pickles at 10:00 am on an empty stomach.  It turns out that habanero pickles should not be the first thing in your mouth on a Saturday morning.  At least I just had a minor tummy ache for a few minutes.  A couple of chips fixed the issue.  (Note to self: habanero pickles are not a breakfast food!)  By the way, you, too, can try this stupidity, or try this later in the day.  Trust me, these are great if not eaten on an empty stomach for breakfast.  Later in the day works wonders.  The shop ships anywhere.  The following link takes you straight to their habanero pickles. To get to the home page for Solamente de Mesilla, and get salsa delivered directly to your door, visit

And three Sundays worth of football!  Too bad the Dallas Cowboys were 1-1 on games over those weeks.  (The Dallas Cowboys were one of the first teams to have a bye week.)  But, I did watch the great Washington Redskins vs. Houston Texans overtime game.

Oh, and I started to work on a button for my blog.  I got the button working, but it doesn’t like my picture.  We’ll see if I can’t get it working today.  (Or there will be coffee at the neighbor’s house with my laptop and a few friends who know how to program.)

Hope y’all are ready to start this journey all over again!  I know I am ready.

-Amanda Nicole


2 thoughts on “Guess Who’s Back?

  1. Welcome back! It sounds like you and Jacob had a good time together and saw some cool stuff. I am so impressed that you are still working hard at being published and are able to roll with the punches. I think you have a very good approach – try something for awhile, step back and assess, make adjustments and try again. I am convinced that one of these days I will walk into a bookstore and buy a book that you wrote. I insist on buying it in person so I can brag to the salesclerk.
    Love, Aunt Nina

    • I guess buying it in person to brag is acceptable. This has only been since July, so I wouldn’t be that impressed that I am still going at this. I am a hard headed Trisdale, after all. And yeah, we did have fun, which was nice after being apart so much this year.

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