Tweets for Someday

Yep, I’m still on vacation.  Or as much of a vacation as I ever seem to take.  At least I haven’t spent time on my query letter.  Maybe by time this week is over I’ll be ready to get back to the task of writing a query letter.  Until then, here is my stockpile of tweets to use someday.  At least, I hope I get to use these tweets.  Enjoy my little hopeful list.  Oh, and the book name is subject to change.

FOR THE QUERY LETTER: Query done!  I finally figured it out!

FOR PARTIAL: Announcement: Got a request for a partial manuscript!

FOR FULL: Sitting down? Got a request for a full manuscript!

FOR REPRESENTATION: Drumroll, please! Got an agent!  More on the blog tomorrow!

FOR PUBLISHING HOUSE: Wanna buy a book?!  How about one by me?  Comin’ out soon; my book!

AMAZON PRE-ORDER: SWEET SIXTEEN on for pre-order!  Go buy a few hundred copies!

DAY BOOK COMES OUT: SWEET SIXTEEN on book shelves today!

BOOK SIGNING DATES: Gonna be in X on Y.  Stop by to get your books signed!

BOOK SIGNING DAY OF: Headed out to X for the signing!


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