“Goodbye Letter – The Reaction”

My husband is probably wondering why he took off now that I am making him work.  Oh well, the books will get out of the boxes and I won’t have to risk coming across spiders.

Continuing the “I’m not here, please leave a message” theme, here’s the second part of yesterday’s post.  If you find yourself confused about the whole family tree, I’ve got it on my website http://www.amandanicoletrisdale.com/zeidrichfamilytree.html.  Enjoy!

It was more than a building that had made the ranch house over on the Houston Ranch home.  It had been the love the Zeidrich Brothers had for each other.  It had been the love they had for Mary Zeidrich and her daughter, Alexandria.  It had been the love Carl Houston had for Hans Zeidrich and his sons.  Carl Houston had loved Hans as though Hans was his son.  Hans had loved Carl Houston as a father.  Hans’ sons loved Carl Houston as a grandfather.

When Houston’s blood granddaughter had abandoned her newborn daughter, Adolph Zeidrich and his wife, Mary, had taken the newborn in to their house on the ranch.  Adolph and Mary had raised Margaret Alexandria Houston until Mary had been murdered and Alexandria was kidnapped by her birth father.  Adolph was wrongfully convicted of his wife’s murder, and of kidnapping Alexandria.  He had been sentenced to death.

Thinking of her parents, Alexandria hugged the teddy bear even tighter.  “Can you deliver messages to others?  Can you tell Mama and Da that I miss them every moment of every day?  Can you tell Gramps that I’m with Pops now?  Can you tell Uncle Sonny I wish he was here?  Can you tell Lars and Otto I got home?  Can you tell Uncle Karl I’m safe?  I don’t have to worry about being molested anymore.  And can you tell all of them that I love them so much?”  She whispered as tears filled her eyes.

The rest of the afternoon was spent trying to wade through the emotions of coming home.


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