“Goodbye Letter”

Yep, I’m still on vacation.  I set this up before I left.  This is the continuing story of poor little Alexandria Houston.  We left off with Hans telling Peter that Alexandria is really sixteen.  This scene follows that one.  For the beginning part of this lovely story, it is archived on my website.  http://www.amandanicoletrisdale.com/sweetsixteen.html Also on the website is the family tree.  http://www.amandanicoletrisdale.com/zeidrichfamilytree.html See y’all in a few days!

In her new rooms, Alexandria looked around.  She had never been in such a huge space.  She sure as hell hadn’t had that much space to herself.  There was a sitting room that was spacious enough to hold a small party in.  Walking through the sparsely decorated room, Alexandria entered the bedroom.  It too was huge.  A king bed sat off to the side, a canopy over it.  There was a walk-in closet that was larger than the closet she had once lived in.  A vanity and chest of drawers graced one wall.  Curtains hung on another to block out the light from the French doors that lead to the patio.  There was a bathroom with a shower and a separate bathtub big enough to lie in.

Sitting on the bed, in the middle of all the pillows, was a teddy bear.  It looked old and used, but it still intrigued Alexandria.  Walking over, she saw a note with “Angel” written in handwriting she recognized.  Tears filled the teen’s eyes as she opened the note.  “My Sweetest Little Angel, If you are reading this then the worse has happened.  I’ve gone home to heaven.  And you are wondering why out of everything I left you, this teddy is what I find important enough to attach a note to.  This teddy was my teddy when I was a boy, Lexi.

“I was four when my mama died giving birth to a baby boy who died shortly after Mama.  Pops was devastated, but for us boys, he soon remarried.  It was Peter and Heidi’s mother.  I was five, and no one could get through to me.  That was until Mandy gave me this teddy.  She told me it was a special teddy.  You see, he can deliver messages to heaven.  And he can, too.  I told him everything that Mama needed to know, and he told her.

“So, when you are really missing me, hold this teddy tight.  And whether you’re crying or smiling, you tell Teddy what you want me to know.  He’ll get the message to me, Lexi.

“I miss you, my sweetest little angel.  I have loved you since before I first held you.  And I’m sad that we aren’t together physically.  But, I’m with Mama and Sonny.  And we’re watching after you, Lexi.  I’m never leaving my niece.  You might not see me, but I’m there, Lexi, watching over you.  And when life gets tough, I’m holding you tight.  Love like I feel for you doesn’t end.  It keeps going forever, angel.  Love forever, Uncle Karl.”

For a moment Alexandria was worried that her cover was already blown.  She hugged the teddy tight.  “I miss you, Uncle Karl.  And I love you, too.”  She wanted to visit his grave.  She wanted to visit the graves of her other uncles.  She wanted to be Alexandria Houston again.  There was nothing Alexandria wouldn’t do to truly be home.


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