Vacation Time

I’m going on vacation!  That’s right.  In the middle of the last 60 days of an election, while trying to get an agent, and start a blog I am going to disappear for two weeks.  Why would I do this?  Well, my husband is a member of the Air Force.  This year, we’ve spent more time apart than together.  I added it up on Friday after we had an argument about something I told this new command.  (Did I mention he moved me, but wasn’t here when I got here?)  Anywho, we’ve had a total of five weeks and three days together this year.  When my husband called and said “I’ve got these two weeks that I can take off” I might have gone “I’ll get my calendar cleared!”

Funny thing, he took that last part literally.  My husband would like me to spend two weeks with him.  Our current plans include getting TriCare doctor problems fixed, finally unpacking the books and setting up the office, unpacking his clothes, and trying to make this place look like we didn’t just move in.  (For those wondering why my books are still packed…  I might have seen a spider in one of the boxes.  Yep, not touching the boxes thank you very much!)  So, this is really a working vacation from the house.  Did I mention my husband and I’ll be together?  As in we’ll be in the same timezone and in the same locale?  I think that’ll make up for the work we need to get done!

That means the poor blog will be left to fend for itself.  Do not worry!  Jewelry designer Lisa Clark agreed to be a guest blogger next Monday and we have published author Judith Marshall on September 30th.  Please make both Lisa and Judith feel welcome.  I’ll add a few posts that I just scheduled, too.

Try not to burn the place down while I’m gone.  Thanks, gang!  See ya in a couple of weeks!

-Amanda Nicole


3 thoughts on “Vacation Time

  1. Three cheers for being in the same timezone!!! Also, I’m pretty sure that comment about burning the place down was directed at me…but I can’t make any promises.

    • You haven’t burned anything down in a few hours. Right? As long as you’re not cooking, there are no appliances, no open flames, or anything electrical you do fine 🙂 Wait! Now I’m worried about leaving you alone. Forrest is home, right? He can agree to babysit his wife for me.

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