My Life: The Comedy!

There I was feeling sorry for myself yesterday.  Two more rejections came; one by snail mail, one by email.  Ammo is not a good patient.  Simply put, the greyhound does not want to sit still for hydrotherapy, take his pills, go to the vet, quit chewing on his paw, or stay still.  Ammo wants to play.  The vet said “no.”  My husband isn’t home, and every time we talk he is snapping at me.  (I realize it is the way military separations go, but sometimes I’d like him to maybe realize life is still going on here in Southern New Mexico.  Sometimes, I would like to discuss things like “The dog got bitten by a rattlesnake” without feeling like I am a horrible person.  I know.  It’s too much to ask at the end of a long separation.)

It took me thirty minutes to get Ammo from the car to the vet today.  I parked twenty feet away from the vet’s door.  Ammo locked his legs and refused to move.  I hate pushing or pulling Ammo when he is hurt.  Gentle tugging and barking (from Ammo and me) happened during our thirty minute standoff.  This was all for a ten minute look at Ammo’s paw.  Amazingly, the vet was shocked at the progress!  I always like when the vet goes “Um, well, the file says Amarillo was bit by a snake on Friday.  I see fang marks, but that’s all I’m seeing.  No swelling.  No obvious pain so the pain killers are working.”  (The pain killers I can’t get Ammo to swallow, so he hadn’t had the pain killers for 24 hours.)  “The wound is scabbing.  It looks like a week or more has passed.”

I came home and Ammo wouldn’t get out of the car.  Jet (the mutt) got in the car, too.  It took me an hour and a half to get the pups out.  An hour and a half!  Then I decided to try to write.  Uh huh, that did not happen.  My writing time was interrupted by clouds.  I love clouds.  Jet is scared of clouds.  So, one hurt dog who wants to play and another trying to find somewhere to hide.

Jet picked behind the toilet.  It’s one of her favorite spots.  This time she managed to knock the pipe from the wall to the reserve tank off the tank.  That resulted in to a trip to Lowe’s to figure out how to fix said toilet.  Then trying to fix said toilet in a room the size of a small closet.  (Our toilet is off the master bath in its own little room.)  I would just like to state I am not sure how they got the toilet in there in the first place.  I’m also not sure how the 74lbs fatty Jet gets behind said toilet.  I did get the toilet fixed.  I think.

There I was, feeling like my day had been horrible, when I finally sat down and got some work done.  I’d gone past the time for working on the novel if I wanted to get this post done.  Somewhere during the pouting and trying to figure out the blog I realized something.  This makes a great story!  If I came at this from a humor view point I think this would make a short story for one of those contests I have coming up.  What more could someone want than an idea for a story?

Besides, most of this will be a funny story by time you read this post.  Not my husband being gone when I could use someone who understands mechanics more than me, but the rest of it is already funny.  Trust me, it is funny.

I’m even over the two rejections I received yesterday.  Besides, I can’t really spin those in to a funny event.  Actually, I can.  This will make you laugh.  One of the agents I queried before I decided to scrap “The Early Years” and make it three books has the same first name as a friend.  When the rejection came, all my email showed was the agent’s first name.  I’ve been a little stressed between pups and the then not fixed toilet.  When my phone “clinked” to let me know an email awaited me, I just looked at the From and briefly glanced at the Subject.  For the next ten minutes I was trying to decide why Alyssa would send me an email with “Submission Query” as a subject.  Yeah, it wasn’t her, but an agent.  I might have broken out laughing.

The other rejection was obviously a form, but made me smile slightly.  “Thank you for your query regarding The Early Years.  This does look like a great project, but I am sorry to say that it is just not something I can take on at this time.  The market for books of this kind is extremely competitive, and I just would not be able to give you the attention you would need to get published.”  Let me mention a few things.  (A) This is the first time an agent actually mentioned the title of my book.  (B) This is the first time they said it looked like a great project.  (C) This is the first time I’ve been addressed as “Ms. Trisdale” in this whole affair.  (D) This is the first time my name and address have appeared on the rejection letter and the letter looked like an actual business letter.  I’m excited about all of that!

Okay, I’m getting excited too easily the further in I’m getting.  It’s up to 15 rejections.  Only a few hundred more and I’ll reach Stephen King level.  I wonder if the more rejections you get means you’ll sell more books

Some good news: I have 60 followers!  Thanks everyone who has stopped by.  And thanks to those of you who have stuck around!  I really appreciate all of y’all.  Thank you so much for coming on this journey with me.

-Amanda Nicole


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