The Morning After

Okay, pity party has sorta passed.  I’ve just decided to have a bad week.  Nope, I haven’t gotten another rejection.  I also haven’t checked the mail for any snail mail rejections.  I went to the post office to mail something for my husband.  (The husband who is currently not here.)  When I stopped to check our mail was when I realized I had my car keys, but not my house keys.  I had to go get our neighbor to break in my house.  He is still laughing about me asking him to break in to the house.   Great!  If anyone needs me I’ll be making brownies…  Wait, I’m out of sugar!  Chocolate time!  No chocolate?  How can I be out of soy-free chocolate in a town that does not believe in soy-free chocolate?  I’ll pour a shot…  And out of whiskey!  I’ll be wallowing in sorrow without sugar, chocolate or whiskey.  Or a husband.  (Note to self, order soy-free chocolate and pay for the express shipping tonight!  Go by Class Six to get whiskey!  Swing by the co-op to get sugar and stop by the egg lady’s place to pick up a dozen.  Email husband to see about when he thinks he may come home.)  Yeah, I’m just gonna have a bad week.  At least I haven’t gotten another rejection.

What to do when one is having a bad week?  Well, rewriting the first chapter of your book sounds great.  Except my first chapter stinks.  I mean it really is dull.  I’ve got too much history.  When I had this problem for now book two of the series earlier this year I decided to write a prequel.  I’m not sure I want to write another prequel.  After all, The Early Years was a prequel to Sweet Sixteen.  I’d like to not approach an agent with a series of ten books.  Then again, what I could do is just write the prequel and keep it on the shelf/hard drive.  Then I can start The Early Years without all the history.  It’s an idea.  Probably a bad idea, but an idea.

Can you guys keep things a secret?  I’m sure you can.  Here’s the funky thing.  Every single book I read on agents, every blog, every single thing I read online states agents want an author with one book, not a gazillion.  Supposedly telling an agent you have a series worries an agent.  Okay, maybe it should.  After all, who am I to think that I can sell more than one book?  (Or one, as it seems my query letter is that horrible.)  Heck, who am I to think people would read anything an unpublished writer writes?  (Um, well, a girl can dream, right?)  It means I need y’all to not tell a soul about the whole more than one book already written thing.  Then again, the way this is going I’ll have ten or twenty books written well before I ever find an agent, along with enough short stories from contests to create a book out of those!  So, no telling a soul or agents that little ol’ Amanda Nicole has a few completed books.  Okay?  Yeah, I know I sorta put it out there on my website.  But how many agents are going to look at my website?  Really, I can’t even get them to look at the first page of my manuscript.  Not really worried they are going to see the excerpts from the books on the website.

Life goes on, and so does writing.  I guess I might as well think about a prequel while I rewrite the first chapter.  Once the whole series becomes a best-seller I can always sell the prequel.  Or, if I can’t sell The Early Years and I have the prequel finished before I start the next round of queries next year I can always bug agents on the prequel.  Plus, I’ve got Amber’s Story to try to find an agent for.  Maybe having more than one book is a good thing.  After all, the more books one has the more times for to be rejected.

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-Amanda Nicole


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