Rejection, Julie & Julia

There I was in bed watching “Julie & Julia” again per Lisa’s suggestion when I heard my phone “clink”.  “Clink” is what I like to describe my personal Gmail notification as.  It sounds like someone hitting the side of a glass with a spoon, or hitting to glasses together in a toast.  I was in bed, so you can be safe in assuming it was well after dark.  Amazingly I assumed it was one of a few emails I was expecting before the end of the day.

You can imagine my surprise when it was not from the people who were supposed to email me, but from an agent.  It was 2138 hours.  I am pretty sure agents should keep regular business hours when it comes to rejecting authors.  I mean, rejections right before bed are not exactly like sheep.  (Though I am beginning to think I am going to start counting rejections before I go to sleep.)  How hard is it to delay an email?  Oh, wait, I’ve done it before.  Just tell the computer when you want to send out the email, say between the hours of 0900 and 1700.  Then the computer sends the email out at that time.  Perfectly wonderful invention if you ask me.

As I am reading this lovely two sentence rejection, I am rewatching “Julie & Julia”.  (And coming up with new words, obviously, according to my spellcheck.)  Funny thing, the movie made me more depressed at first.  Actually, I think I was depressed before the rejection came in.  I have been looking through other people’s blogs, and I have to admit to wondering if mine is even worth it.  Everyone else seems to be great bloggers.  I seem to feel like I am floundering here in my infancy.

Plus, like every blogger I would love to have a huge following.  I keep joining groups in the hopes of finding out how other bloggers grew their following.  I guess naive me thought that I’d get a small following from those lovely people referred to as my “friends.”  Silly me!  My really close friends and family started following me, but the rest haven’t even visited.  I don’t know why I thought friends would maybe check out my blog.  I did get some nice advice about my blog from a couple of friends on what I needed to do to improve my blog before I even named my blog.  (Yes, I am rolling my eyes here.)

Every group says not to beg for followers.  I’m guessing that they mean from the general public, though.  I have to admit to begging my friends to follow me.  Seriously, I even came up with a “just subscribe even if you never open the email” plea on Facebook!  No bites!  I attempted bribery.  I tried crying.  I tried the whole “I follow you so you should follow me.”  Supposedly this is unprofessional for a blogger to do this whole “follow me and I’ll follow you.”  You are supposed to follow blogs you want to read.  I only follow blogs I want to read, but for those lovely people I have known for years I think I can be a bit unprofessional.  Right?

In my dreams we move from my friends reading my blog to said friends telling their friends about my blog.  In said dreams, these friends of friends would check out the blog and a few would stick around.  These friends of friends would tell their friends, who would tell their friends, who would tell their friends…  Well, you get the idea.  In my dreams my blog would grow by word of mouth.  One friend has posted a link to my blog on her Facebook page.  The only time I got any hits was when I did a review on her business.  Even then it was not very many.  Sad and pathetic, huh?  I guess that my dreams were set a little high.  Okay, really high.

Anywho, there are days I am really feeling like Julie when she talks about just sending things in to a great expanse.  I really agree with Julie’s statement “Is there anyone reading me?”  Yep, I’m depressed.  Hopefully, like Julie, I find my way with this whole blogging thing.  And hopefully, like Julie, I manage to get a book published.

Then there are days I am feeling like Julia.  I can’t believe how many years it took Julia to complete her cookbook.  If Julia Childs can keep trying until she got a publisher to accept her cookbook I can keep blogging and sending query letters and writing novels until I get published.  Right?

Time to come up with a new plan for everything.  Instead of getting an agent before I turn thirty, maybe forty works better.  Instead of hoping to get 100 followers before the end of the year, I think I should be happy with gaining 30.  Instead of hoping that my “friends” will follow me, I should just realize they know better.

And Lisa, I promise to watch “Julie & Julia” again without an agent rejecting me in the middle of the movie.  It was going great until the rejection email came in.  Actually, I think I am going to ignore all rejections and SASEs that make their way to me from now on.  I’m just not sure how I’ll know if I get an agent without opening anything.  This could present an issue.

For the rest of you, I promise to snap out of this mood tomorrow.  I have a Christmas story to write for a competition.  One cannot be moody while attempting to write a cheerful holiday story.  To get myself in the mood for Christmas I may pull out our decorations and put them up.  I already began playing Christmas music.  Any other ideas of how to find the holiday mood in the August heat?  I am open to suggestions.

-Amanda Nicole


5 thoughts on “Rejection, Julie & Julia

  1. well I would just say to keep on listening to all kinds of christmas music. That would be the only thing that I could think of to help get you in the mood.

  2. Funny post Amanda Nicole! Yes watch it again. Christmas music sounds like a wonderful idea. Myself, I am working on Halloween jewelry these days and I suppose a scary movie is in order. But very soon Christmas work must begin! Nothing gets me in the mood for Christmas like “A Charlie Brown Christmas”I can almost feel the snowflakes falling from the sky. So when the heat is soaring I will put that cd in and just pretend!
    Another rejection, one step closer to getting a yes!

    • Strangely enough, I’ve been playing Linus & Lucy the past week. It’s been helping. Good luck with the Halloween jewelry and starting the Christmas music.

  3. Remember good things come to those who wait. I know know that has never been your strong point but I really feel it will happen.

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