Night Alone

My husband is in the US Air Force.  This year he went from being enlisted to being an officer.  While I am proud, I have to admit we have spent more time alone than together this year.  It can get a little lonely without my husband.  I also have to admit I realize how much I bounce ideas off the man when he is gone.

Today, I offer you an unedited poem I wrote two nights ago.  I’d like to dedicate this to one of my dear friends, Amanda #2.  (Yep, that’s her nickname now.)  Amanda #2 and I were friends in college.  She had her first child six days after my husband started Basic Military Training.  Six months later, Amanda #2’s husband started Basic Military Training for the US Navy.  You would be surprised to find out how nice it is to have a friend from your college days who is also a military spouse.  Though, when my husband hears I have called Amanda #2 for advice on cooking he likes to mention two (2) kitchen fires.  Just because Amanda singed one kitchen and burned down another does not make her a bad cook.  The things you know about someone after almost a decade as friends.

Amanda #2, this lovely poem is for you.  They’ll both be home soon enough, annoying us.

Another night alone

How long can this go on?

The grass needs cutting

The boxes unpacking

Bookcases are still in pieces

The dogs need walking

One is sick, the other frightened

Of the storm raging outside.

The car is making a funny sound.

There was a spider in the sink

Need an oil change.

Need to finally assemble the desk

Printer’s out of ink

Dishes piled up in the sink

Food to cook for one

Plus the pups

Bills to pay

New town to get used to.

New streets to learn

New places to shop.

New friends to make.

Call to his mother.

And a call to mine.

Call to a friend from college

To say I’m just fine.

She knows I’m lying.

I know she knows.

After all it is clear,

I’m not the only one

Spending another night alone.

-Amanda Nicole


One thought on “Night Alone

  1. Okay, now you made me cry. Your words are so true. It’s all the little things that aren’t much on their own that all add up together to be overwhelming at times. You constantly amaze me.
    Love, Aunt Nina

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