Monday Update

Monday means two things this week.  A) Agents who were clearing their boxes out last week have had enough time to send that SASE back with a rejection letter.  B) The blog has turned 1 month old.  I’m not sure which worried me more.  Okay, it’s probably the latter.  The blog is in front of the public already.  The books are not.

So, where am I currently?  (Yep, weekly update time.)  I have received 10 rejections out of 31 submissions.  Except for the publisher, the rest have been form rejections.  Am I starting to sound like a broken record to anyone else?  I joined Absolute Write Water Cooler, which is a bit overwhelming with information.  I decided that for the next round of query letters I am going to cut the novel.  By cut, I mean I took the book and chopped the second half off.  Nice, huh?  Let’s assume that was part of the problem.  (Fingers crossed.)  I know the query letter and lack of publishing credentials are also part of the problem.

I entered my first competition over the weekend.  I get the results 31 October.  My next competition piece is due 30 September.  That one is an Open Fiction Short Story between 2,000 to 20,000 words long.  I also am going to submit to a literary magazine that is not a competition submission.  We’ll see how my short stories go.  Most of my short story submissions should take 3 to 4 months to get replies.  (Great, because my favorite thing in the world is waiting.  I love waiting for rejection.  Yep, that’s me.)  The great news about short stories is that I don’t have to have an agent.  The bad news is every other writer in the world is probably thinking the same thing.  I am going to keep writing, so I guess the other writers will have to let me on the merry-go-round.

Twitter is still there, but it isn’t growing at all.  I did find Sesame Street on Twitter, so all is not a loss.  How could anything with Big Bird be a loss?  Or Cookie Monster?  If you have a Twitter account, and have wondered why you should follow me, here is the reason.  I tweet rejection!  I’m not kidding.  When I get a rejection, I tweet.  I also tend to tweet when I send off query letters.  When I win a contest, or get a publishing deal, I will tweet about it.  You can wait until the next morning to read it here.  Or you can follow me on Twitter for immediate knowledge.

The website is still being updated on Tuesday.  If you haven’t checked out the website yet, I would.  It has a nice little welcome video from me, a little more about me, and writing.  After all, what would a writer’s website be without writing?  There is a tab for the blog, too.  So, if you happen to want to share this whole experience with your friends and family, all you really have to do is share the website,

I have two friends on YouTube.  I have two videos on YouTube.  There will be a third placed sometime this week.  I promise.  It is a vlog of what you are reading here, except you get to see my pretty face.  Okay, you probably don’t want that.  Assuming you’d like to follow my YouTube vlog, it can be found at

The blog is growing slowly.  I guess I have to admit this will be a slow process of growing the blog.  I knew that, but I wish there was a short cut for growing my following/readers.  There isn’t a short if one wants readers.  There are some shortcuts to get lots of followers.  I kinda have this funny ego thing where I want people to follow/subscribe because they like the blog.  And I kinda hope they will mention the blog to their friends/family.  That also explains my pleas for subscribers/followers on my Facebook account.  Oh well, we have had 15 people subscribe via WordPress to receive instant updates.  Another 7 people have followed via Networked Blogs.  I am logging an average of 32 hits per day.

So, that’s where we are.  Or me, depending on how you look at this whole journey.  I think it really is a “we” journey.  After all, you are reading all about my ups and downs.  Well, back to the grindstone.  I have another book to finish and another contest to figure out just what the heck I am doing for it.  I will see you all tomorrow morning.

-Amanda Nicole


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