Wanted: Guest Bloggers

Alright, here’s the thing.  Jacob (my wonderful husband) is in the Air Force.  This year we’ve spent more time apart than together.  Not that I am complaining, but my lovable husband has decided we need time together when he gets home.  In mid-September we are going to take a week and just relax after a year that has included going from Enlisted to Officer, moving and dealing with TMO sans my sponsor, Jacob’s multiple training dates, Jacob’s temporary assignments between training, one dog having an emergency half tail amputation, one dog going so crazy over fireworks I had to take her to the vet for two days, finding things to do in Southern New Mexico to occupy me, and pretty much still needing to unpack our books.  Yep, it’s been a packed year.

I hate the idea of leaving the blog unattended for a full week.  So, I’ve come up with an idea.  I need guest bloggers.  Want to try out blogging?  Have your own blog and want to expand your followers?  Think you can do better than I do?  As a guest blogger I am going to give you free reign over my blog for a day. The dates are in mid-September, hopefully.  That is assuming the USAF approves leave time.  If you might be interested in guest blogging for at least a day email me at amanda@amandanicoletrisdale.com.  To tell you the truth, I don’t have that many followers yet.  (Really?  You couldn’t tell that from my begging for more subscribers and followers?  I thought I was obvious.)  That means the people here probably won’t say anything horrible about your blog.  I think it would be a great place for a newbee to try out material.  But that’s just me.

Let me know when you’ve decided to try out guest blogging and I’ll give you the dates.  Don’t forget to email me at amanda@amandanicoletrisdale.com.  It’ll be fun for you and the rest of the readers.

-Amanda Nicole Trisdale


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