Marty’s Mustang – Part One

Yes!  A day without being rejected!  Okay, it is probably said when I am excited I wasn’t rejected.  Turns out, rejection hurts, even if you know it’s coming.  It’s very, very, very sad that no one loves you.  Oh well, this too shall pass.  Right?

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Now, on to today’s blog.  I have the worse writer’s block for the blog in the world.  I can’t quite think of anything new to write.  So, when one has writer’s block, I figure the best idea is to do something else.  Below, you’ll find the first part of a mulit-part post.  Don’t forget to use the comment section to let me know what you think of the post.  I live for comments anymore.  Oh, and share this with all your friends.  (Yep, a plea for followers.  Imagine that.)

For your reading enjoyment, I present “Marty’s Mustang – Part One”.

Standing in the vehicle pool, Hans Zeidrich tried not to look impatient.  After all, Hans had been harping on the eighteen year old to find a car.  At least, that was what Jessie Walsenburg called it; harping.  It had been three years of suggesting and ordering.  Now, Chris Zeidrich, Hans’ baby boy, claimed he had found “the perfect car” tucked away in the vehicles parked here.  “She just needs a bit of work, Pa.  She’ll be a real beauty.  If I work on her, can I have her?”  Those were the words the eighteen year old had said the night before.  Hans had insisted on seeing the car, especially after the teasing Chris had received from his older brothers.  They seemed to think the car was a lost cause.  Hans was not letting his youngest son drive in a death trap.

“Here she is, Pops!”  Chris called out excitedly.

Sighing, Hans walked through the maze of vehicles.  Chris was right that the vehicle was tucked away.  It was hidden in one of the corners.  Chris pulled the tarp off the car.  The breath left Hans as he saw the old neglected vehicle.  “Isn’t she a beauty?  I can’t believe that she’s sitting here.  It won’t take much to fix her up again.  What do you think, Pa?  Can I move her to the shop?”

Hans didn’t answer as he walked up to the vehicle.  The vehicle hadn’t been touched since a year after Hans bought it.  It had been brought here to keep Hans’ heart from breaking.  Touching the old 1968 Mustang, Hans managed a sad smile.  This had been a present for Marty for her birthday.  A red Mustang with a ragtop was not a practical car for a woman with six sons and two daughters, but the joy in Marty’s eyes was well worth the impracticality of the vehicle.

The same love for the Mustang shone from Chris’ Zeidrich Blue Eyes.  All of Hans’ boys had the same color of eyes that sparkled the same way when they were happy or in love.  Folks around town said they got their eyes from Hans.  Their joy of life came from Marty.  “I promise I’ll move her if the shop needs the space.  And I’ll fix her to the specs she had when she was built.  A girl like this needs to be driven.  She was made to be loved.”  Chris was still going on about the car without looking at Hans.  “I won’t work on her when I’m supposed to be at the office.  And I promise I won’t touch her on Sundays.  I won’t let time with the girls slide.  But she’s the car I want.”

Realizing someone would love the Mustang as much as Marty had, Hans nodded his consent.  “You have my permission, Chris.”  Then, changing his mind, Hans looked at Chris.  “But, I am adding another condition.  You have to work on this girl with me.”

The joy in Chris’ eyes was evident.  “Yes, sir,” Chris was practically busting with excitement.

“Does she even start anymore?”  Hans inquired.

“Nah,” Chris’ joy slipped for a moment.  The eighteen year old looked at the poorly kept Mustang.

“We’ll get your brothers to help us move her.”  Hans stated as he patted Chris on the back.  It would feel good to work with one of his sons again.  He hadn’t worked with a son since Lars had died, at least not with his hands.  “She should be moved on to a trailer for the ride.”

“It won’t take too long to get her runnin’.”  Chris said as he smiled at Hans.

“Until then,” Hans motioned for Chris to follow him.  Walking through the pool, Hans took a cover off another vehicle.  Opening the door, he felt for where he had always kept the keys in the visor.  “Years ago I didn’t have the men to drive me around.  I also used to go off-compound without my boys.  She’s not a Mustang, but I think she’ll do until we get the Mustang running.”

“Your car?”  Chris was in shock.

“My car,” Hans put the keys in Chris’ palm.  Closing the younger man’s hand around the keys, Hans smiled once more.  “Pa bought her for me on my sixteenth birthday.  Marty and I had Sonny on the way, and Pa said this car was both practical and something a young man could drive.  I’m not so sure about the ‘young man’ part, but it was nice to have a car.  Trust me when I say this could help you get around while we repair the Mustang.”

Not one to disagree with Hans, Chris agreed.  “Thanks, Pa.”

“You’re welcome, son.”  Hans turned back to the Mustang.  “I think you made a great choice, Chris.”

“Can we move her now?”  Chris was overanxious, just as he had always been.

Chuckling, Hans nodded his permission.  Chris bounced over to the phone to call the Main House and his brothers.  Sometimes, Hans caught a glimpse of Karl or Lars in Chris.  Perhaps raising Chris had given the young man a bit more Zeidrich than the others Hans had adopted.  ‘Who are you fooling, Zeidrich?  You know that boy is your son’s son.  You only raised Chris as your son to keep him safe.  He’s Karl to a T.’  Hans thought to himself.

It didn’t take long for the rest of the boys to make their way over to the pool yard.  Through the teasing and the joking, the four Zeidrich Brothers got the car on one of the flatbeds the family owned.  More teasing happened as the three older boys helped drive the Mustang to the shop.  When Hans insisted the Mustang go in his personal bay at the shop – the one kept open for when the leader wanted to work on a car – the teasing became bad enough Hans put his foot down.  He was pretty sure Chris was still being teased a few days later.


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