Another Rejection, Another Path

Add two more rejections to the pile.  When my husband came home yesterday he walked in the door pondering why two different agencies had someone on staff with the exact same hand writing.  Once I mentioned it was my handwriting, my husband was like “Would they like you to write your own rejection letter, too?”

One of the rejections I got yesterday I had sent via snail mail on 3 August.  The SASE was marked with a return date of 6 August.  The agencies are all in New York City practically.  We live in Southern New Mexico.  Seeing as I didn’t pay for express mailing, the query letter arrived in NTC the same day the rejection was sent out.  I’m starting to believe some of these agents don’t read the query letters before rejecting you.

Well, seven agents down, twenty-four with my query letters who have not responded.  I’m sure somewhere in this group is the agent for me.  If not, I have bought another couple of books on writing query letters.  I am convinced that I have two problems.  The first is that my book is really long.  The second is that I cannot write a query letter.  (See my previous post on query letters for an example.)  So, back to studying how to write a query letter.

One of my intelligent friends (Amanda) came up with a wonderful idea.  She suggested I enter a poetry contest.  What she didn’t realize was poetry contests are not the only contests out there.  While looking for contests in my Writer’s Market I noticed a few for short stories.  There is also one through the University of Nebraska for a full manuscript.  You’ll never guess what I’ve decided to do.  Yep.  I’m gonna enter a couple of contests.  The first contest I am going to enter is for a short story under 6,000 words that is open only to new writers.  Will I win my first contest?  Probably not.  Will it help me for the next contest?  It should.  Glimmer Train Press has a contest every month.  That’s twelve months of honing my craft while attempting to win a couple of contest.  I’ve also looked in to Prairie Schooner for their submission guidelines.  While not a contest, it is another route to being recognized.

This could be fun.  My husband would just like it if the plot bunny kept regular business hours.  We all know those pesky little bunnies show up at their convenience, not ours.  Is it really my fault I spent most of yesterday trying to figure out what contests to enter before the plot bunny arrived?  Nope, it’s not.  I don’t think the dang bunny understands that humans want to sleep at some point during the night.  At least the plot bunny gave me 3,000 words and a plot to write about before this one rushed away.  I’ll ferret out the rest of the story today before I begin to polish the story.  I have until the 31st of this month before the story has to be written.

Well, off to see if I can’t find the plot bunny once more.  He should be scampering around here somewhere.


One thought on “Another Rejection, Another Path

  1. have you tried sending the letter in a bright colored envelope. real bright and stamp please read all over it

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