Agent Update

Yes, this was supposed to be a Q&A, but I only got one question.  It occurred to me that it is the end of summer, and everyone was probably out having one last round of fun.  I’d hate to come up with my own questions and bore y’all.  So, I’m going to extend our little Q&A deadline.  Y’all have one more week to get those questions in.

And now an agent update.  Here is where I am at.  I have sent 31 queries out to agents.  Two (2) have passed the dates the agents had for getting back to me.  We’ll take those as rejects.  Three (3) have sent me rejections, including one early Saturday morning.  (Great way to start off a Saturday, by the way.)  We’ll take that as five (5) rejections, twenty-six (26) potential yeses, and the interesting interaction with the Christian publishing company.  I’m still holding out hope that someone will pick “The Early Years” up for publication or representation.  There are still six agents I have yet to query that accept unsolicited queries.

Besides, nothing says I can’t take “The Early Years” and place it on the shelf for a bit.  Let these agents forget they read a query for “The Early Years”.  I’ve got another book that is almost done.  A little sprucing on that book, and suddenly I have a new product to sell.  I know that I mentioned this last week.  But, it is the way I am leaning currently.

That is if the small Christian Publishing company that I contacted last week doesn’t publish “The Early Years.”  I’m not sure it is “Christian” enough for them.  We shall see what they think, since said publishing company has asked to see the first chapter of my book!  Hopefully I get some communication from the editor later this week.

How do I feel?  Well, the rejections are starting to make me question why I think anyone would read what I write.  The publishing company still has me slightly wondering if I should look at some of the smaller publishers.  It will be harder to get my book places, but if the smaller publishing companies have gone electronic my books can still go nationwide.  I still cannot figure out how to write a query letter for the life of me.  I still have no publishing background, and I cannot figure out how to sell my book.  Oh well, I’ll get this figured out before I die.

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Check out the website, too.  It seems there is always something new on the website.  There are two excerpts from the book up right now.  Send the website link to all your friends.

And send in those questions.

-Amanda Nicole


2 thoughts on “Agent Update

  1. so…what you are telling me is that I need to provide more questions? 😀 An e-version isn’t bad…can you look into selling it on Amazon or something?

    • Feel free to supply more questions. Amazon and self-publishing costs money. Just to edit my book for self-publishing is over $5,000. That doesn’t include the price of having a print book turned in to an e-book. Then Amazon charges you the ISBN fee. And no, it doesn’t count as published as far as the legit publishing firms are concerned. It doesn’t even show up on unless you pay to have it listed. You have to host your own shopping cart on your website. It’s the same for their Print On Demand (POD) side of the business. I’m not thrilled with the idea of shelling out that kind of money on a book no one will touch after I take that route.

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