Rejection is Bittersweet

Well, the first two rejections showed up yesterday.  One rejection appeared five minutes after I queried the agent.  I guess she really didn’t like my work.  The other rejection was two days since I had queried the agent.  I must admit I have conflicting feelings.  I’m psyched I finally got any communication from agents!  I’m bummed that the communication was a rejection.  I’m pretty sure it’s my subject matter, the length of my book, and my horrible query letter writing.  Oh, and possibly my lack of previous publications.

(Imagine me shrugging here.)  I guess this just means we go forward.  Here’s what you guys can do to help.  I could really use some more people checking out the blog.  Yep, this one right here.  I could use some more subscribers.  We’re still trying to get up to 20 subscribers.  When you’re done over here, if you happen to be a Facebook user – and be serious you are – go over to Networked Blogs and subscribe over there.  You don’t get anything “extra” for subscribing on Networked Blogs.  In fact, it is as though you clicked a “like” button on a fan page.  After that, let all your buddies on Facebook know how cool you think the blog is.

Done that?  Great!  Now, go check out the website (  See the “Book Excerpts” page?  Check the two I have up out and let me know what you think.  Then, go back over to Facebook and let your friends all know about the cool website you just visited.  Oh, and check out YouTube for my new YouTube Channel!  Video blogging once a week here I come!  (Hey, I’m just trying to get people to like me here!)

What am I going to do?  Well, besides trying to find an agent, I’ve decided to set aside the stories about the Zeidrich Family for a little while.  Not that I don’t love Alexandria, Peter and Hans, but I’ve come up with a plan.  Follow me here.  I can’t easily resubmit the exact same novel.  After all, it was just rejected.  It’d be just dumb to submit the sequel to the agents.  I mean, the sequel needs to be cut in to a few books due to its length, and it is a sequel.  Hello?!  Kinda needs the first book.  (Actually, it might not, but that’s a different subject.)  Besides, the agents would be the same agents that just rejected the first story about the Zeidrich Family.  Why would I think they would accept the Zeidrich Family within six months of rejecting them?  Silly, huh!

No, I am not giving up!  Gesh, have some faith here people.  I’m a little more stubborn than that.  But, nothing says I can’t go another route.  I am sure it will shock everyone, but I just happen to have a 60,000+ page manuscript that needs a little more polishing, a few more words, and it’ll be ready to send out to agents.  So, assuming I can’t find representation for my Zeidrich story, I am going to switch to my 1820s frontier story.  Great idea, huh?  We’ll just go from one genre to another genre.  Amazingly enough, that also means different agents to query.  Hum?  Agents who have not rejected me get a chance to reject me?  Besides, I have missed Jim Bowie and Amber Crockett.  They are great people who are probably upset I haven’t stopped by in a few weeks.

I’m off to do some more writing.  You guys have some work to do, too, because y’all love me and want to help me.  Right?  Y’all love me?  Please love me.  The agents obviously don’t love me.  Sad me.  But happy because to tell you the truth these weren’t two of my dream agents. These two agents sounded great when working with other people, but my dream agents are literally ones no one likes on any of the new writers’ forums.  Hold on before you start lecturing me on being stupid!  Just hang on one mere moment.  The agents on my dream agent list are quite “old school”.  They believe in handshakes and contact their clients by the telephone.  (People who communicate via phone?  Can it happen anymore?)  I’d like someone a bit more “old fashion.”

Don’t forget to subscribe, if you haven’t done so already.  Also, don’t forget that some people thought a Q&A was a great idea.  (Or someone stuffed the ballot box.)  I need questions to answer.  That means y’all need to send me some.  I haven’t gotten any yet.  You must be thinking about what to ask.  Or y’all think I’m that boring and are looking for your pitch forks and tar and feathers to deal with the people who voted for Q&A.  Either way, I need questions.  Leave them in the Comments, or send them to  Just get them to me.


2 thoughts on “Rejection is Bittersweet

    • Well, the agents who have rejected me haven’t read the book. It’d be kind of hard to give me advice when they haven’t read a word of the book. I’ve heard that agents really don’t give much advice on how to make something easier to sell.

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