First Poll Results

Seriously? Q&A with me?  Okay, I guess Q&A wins.  Silly me for putting it out there.  I thought it’d go down in flames.  Alright, Q&A.  Um, let me get to that…  Wait, don’t have any questions to answer from you guys!  Shucks, just can’t answer…  Seriously?  Y’all can communicate with me?  Via that little comments thing?  Interesting, tell me more about this communicating with me.  I am intrigued.

Joking aside, according to my poll data, the winner is Q&A with Amanda Nicole.  Funny, I think y’all have gone insane.  But, I asked, and let it not be said I go back on my word.  Therefore, I need questions.  Let’s see, this is Wednesday.  The first Q&A will be on Monday.  You have until Sunday to get your questions in.  Send an email with the subject “Q&A” to  Don’t forget to include the name you’d like me to use and your location.  If you’d prefer, use the comment section below for this post.

Sunday night I’ll go through the questions and answer them.  That is assuming I get at least five different people to send me questions.  If you were one of the people to vote for Q&A, I would suggest conning your friends in to submitting a few questions for you.  (I’m not above using bribery to get my desired result of more readers.)

Alright, people, your homework is due Sunday.  Extra credit for getting those questions in early.  There is always the other route, the website.  You wanted to send your friends over to the website, anyways.  You wanted to check out this week’s excerpt from the book.  Head over to and send your friends.

Questions coming in after Sunday will be answered in the next installment of Q&A.

-Amanda Nicole


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