Old School vs. New School

Agents seem to have two ways of doing things.  The first is old school.  An old school agent believes that their job is to get your book to a publisher, but that’s pretty much it.  They aren’t there to edit for you.  They aren’t there to hold your hand.  They aren’t there to write your manuscript for you.  They want to represent all of the books you will ever write.  Oh, and they think a handshake is still a bond.  (Imagine that.)

The new school agent is there for one book.  You have a series, you say?  Well, query your agent again (even as a best seller) to see if they want to rep the next book in the series.  The new school agent is willing to hold your hand through everything, or they will never talk to you.  (Interesting spectrum.)  A new school agent loves contracts.  A handshake is not as legal as a contract.  The new school agent seems more business, but adds a relationship in to the business for one book.

I’ve got to say the small town girl in me would prefer an old school agent.  I’ve got two novels written, and I’m working on the third.  I don’t really feel like querying every agent under the sun again.  Though it would be easier if I had a best seller to get an agent to read my query letter.

Anywho, there’s an overview on the two different kinds of agents.  I’m off to the post office with a stack of envelopes.  Wish me luck!

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-Amanda Nicole


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