Week Three Begins

Welcome to week three of the blog.  I found out yesterday from my mother that a good family friend has been following along.  (Hi, Jeanette!)  I love hearing there are actually people reading what I am writing.

So, where are we?  Always a good question.  I’m still waiting to hear back from the two agents I’ve queried.  I’m about to start going “forget this” on the whole waiting a month before sending to another agent.  Yeah, agents want to be queried one at a time.  But, they get hundreds of submissions a week.  I think this would go faster if I listen to the advice of my mother and query multiple agents at once.  Yep, you heard me right.  I’m being smart and listening to my mother.

I do admit I have some nervousness about the topic of my novels.  It may be a bit harder to sell novels that show how racism interferes with ones life from the view point of the white supremacist.  No, I have not given up hope.  I am even thinking of querying agents who do not handle racist material.  (In my defense, one of the main characters who influences Alexandria’s life happens to be Jewish.  It just sort of happened that the best foster mother Alexandria has is Jewish.)  Maybe, just maybe, an agent will see what I am trying to get across.  After all, The Godfather got published.  Besides, Jacob (my dear husband who would like these books published so he no longer has to hear more about the Zeidrich Family) claims I have treated the white supremacist beliefs like Jane Austin treated the Napoleonic Wars in her novels.  It was there, but as a bit character.  Let’s see if an agent thinks the same thing.

In the first two weeks we had 376 visitors to the blog.  I’m still trying to build the website to perfection.  It’s coming along slowly.  If you have any ideas for the website, let me know.  (Comments work well.)  Don’t forget to check out the website http://www.amandanicoletrisdale.com.  I’ve finally put up part of the book over at the website.  Just a sneak peek in to the lives of the Zeidrich Family.

Well, two weeks down, who knows how many to go.  Back to trying to find someone as excited about The Early Years as I am.  It’ll happen.  I would like to get some sort of response, though.  A rejection letter (email) would be nice.  I’d know someone was reading my queries.  Until then, back to writing more books.


3 thoughts on “Week Three Begins

  1. Well it sounds like you are getting more and more visitors every day which is really cool and seems like you are slowly getting somewhere with the book. Hopefully you will hear back from someone with in a week or so. When you do, just let me know.

  2. I just thought I would let you know that you might want to check that very first paragraph. I think you meant to write ever and you wrote every on your website that give a little detail about the book. I am just being a really good friend and helping you out a little bit by letting you know what needs fixing.
    Leslie Maggart

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