Summary & My Novel

Every agent wants a summary of your novel.  The summary can be one to two pages, Times New Roman type 12 font, and double-spaced.  In other words, agents want you to send them a book report on the book you just wrote.  When was the last time you did a book report?  The more important question may be: When was the last time you passed a book report?

Book reports were one thing in school I did not excel in.  Alright, I almost failed PE in sixth grade, but that’s not really a class.  Is it?  I have to admit I am still not good at book reports.  It seems to b worse for me when I am doing a book report on my book.  They forgot to teach that idea in school.  “Please hit the highlights for the book you just created.”  Yep, don’t remember that in lit classes.

Oh well, if teachers didn’t teach it, one can still learn.  My method?  Simply make my husband read my summary until he hands it back saying “yeah.”  I think that means it’s good, since his other response is “nope.”  (My husband is a great conversationalist in some societies where grunts are words.)

My problem is how to get a 160,000+ word book to fit on to two types pages.  That, and how to quit using lots of words to describe the book.  I’ll take any advice you guys have.  Jacob’s advice is to focus on my three main characters and only mention things they do.  That’s what I’ve done for the moment.  I’m pretty sure I will rewrite and rewrite the summary with each agent I query.

So, how did you write book reports when you were in school?  Any advice for how to write one?

-Amanda Nicole Trisdale


2 thoughts on “Summary & My Novel

    • Kind of the same thing, although it is hard to remember that far back. Introduction: Tell them what you are going to tell them. Middle: Fill in the details that you brought up in the introduction. Conclusion: Summarize what you told them. That might not work for what you are doing but I usually got an A. Of course, teachers were more interested in structure, grammar and spelling than content.

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