Anyone who knows me from politics knows Tony.  Tony goes to every campaign event with me.  At least Tony has since we met in 2004.  Tony is always in my office and he goes home with Ammo (aka, the office greyhound) and me every night.  Tony has been to a girls’ night out spa party.  He has come with me to presidential events.  He has sat on the table beside me at political fundraisers.  Poor Tony was even involved in a “Dunk Tony” fundraiser.  Tony is also a hand painted, carved wooden horse container.

Tony and I “met” at a gun show during the 2004 campaign season.  The campaign I was working on had me manning a booth on the gun show circuit.  A guy who sold carved figurines and knives usually had the table next to mine.  We struck up a “friendship” and I fell in love with Tony.  Well, soon Tony was mine (the little horse.)  I was never going home, and Tony was usually in my jacket pocket.  Needless to say, when I won the campaign I was convinced Tony had a part in the win.  Tony became part of the package.  Tony is my good luck charm.

So, as I’ve written the novels and query letters, Tony has never been far off.  He’s sitting by the computer, or on the nightstand, where Tony belongs on this journey.  Besides, Tony is more supportive of Jacob (my husband).  After all, when I was complaining that I hadn’t even received a rejection letter yet, my husband’s response was “That’s because no one has read your query letters yet.”  Tony was silent.  That was probably the better of the two responses.

Tony Being Supportive

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