Rachael and Jewelry by Park Lane

(Pictures added 29 July per request from Rachael Loving-Painter.)

Picture of the bracelet and necklace in the blog
Graceful Necklace and Estate Bracelet

This is one of those blogs for a friend.  I promised Rachael Loving-Painter that I would do this for her.  (As payment, Rach, I expect to see a link on your Facebook page.)

First, allow me to tell a little about why I am doing this review for Rachael.  Rachael and I have been friends since we were pre-teens.  That’s a long time.  Rachael is married and has two kids.  For some silly reason she decided to start her own business.  Rachael sells jewelry through home parties.  It’s kind of like Tupperware and Pampered Chef were when we were younger.  (Her company came into existence shortly after Tupperware or so she’s told me.)  I’m one of those girls who doesn’t get the whole jewelry thing.  The only piece I wear on a regular basis is an Evenstar my husband bought for me.  (Extra points for anyone who knows what I am talking about.)  He bought it from a jeweler in Australia.  (More bonus points for anyone who understands why it would come from Down Under.)

You know how it goes with starting a business.  She agreed for me to review something I go “yeah, and the first time I’m tryin’ to get a rusty bolt off an engine that piece is gonna snap.”  (The things we are reduced to in today’s economy to try and make a living.)  According to Rachael, my response is supposed to be “Wow!  That is gorgeous!  Where can I find something like that?”  Or “What can I pair with this necklace?  How many rings and bracelets can I wear together?  Do these necklaces go together?”  Heck, I don’t even wear my wedding ring, much less other rings!  According to her, if I break one of these jewelry pieces while working on my car I can get it replaced.  Something about this unconditional guarantee that comes with the receipt; no questions no money to replace the piece.  I just gotta remember where in the filing cabinet the receipt is.  Rachael claims this is a no-brainer.  I’m still pretty sure I’m supposed to not break the jewelry.  That might make my husband miffed, and I’d like not to do that.

But, for the sake of a friend I shall try to review a recent purchase.  (Yes, I do purchase jewelry from Rachael even though I don’t wear it on a regular basis because that is what friends do.  People do tend to comment on the jewelry when I wear it out.  Rachael has picked out everything I own, except the Evenstar.  The only problem I have is women tend to think I should know how to respond to a compliment about my bracelet.  Um, say something about my pups, my truck or my rifle and I just might know what to say.)  Rachael owns a business in cooperation owns a business with Jewels by Park Lane.

Like I said before, it’s like Tupperware when we were kids.  Rachael finds someone with friends (obviously not me) and has that girl (I am assuming these are girls) host a party.  Since I have never been to one of these parties, I am just going to assume there is some sort of girly drink and girly foods.  You know, like those little tea sandwiches that are paper thin and have some weird stuff smeared between the thin sheets of bread and maybe one of those mixed drinks with Champagne they serve at bridal showers.  (You can tell how often I go to those.)  I can just imagine the small talk about clothing and shoes.  (Rachael’s always loved shoes, clothing, jewelry and gossip.  I don’t get any of it.  Yeah, our moms have no clue how we got to be friends, either.  She was doing my hair in different styles while I was studying the doll furniture her father made so I could replicate it.)    Then Rachael most likely goes in to some spill about how cool jewelry is, and she brings out the pieces which then get “ooh” and “awe” as a response from the gathered crowd sipping on their girly drinks and eating girly snacks.  Rachael does her thing, and people buy said bracelets, earrings, necklaces and rings.  Then she places the order with Jewels by Park Lane.  A couple weeks later, Rachael gives out the jewelry to more “oohs” and “awes”.  Or at least, that is how it goes in my mind.

On to the main attraction; the review of the jewelry.  For the sake of this review, please remember I am not a jewelry person, or a paid spokesperson.  In fact, I bought the jewelry I am reviewing.

I purchased the Graceful Necklace (Item 8276) and the Cabaret Bracelet (Item 8703).  The Graceful Necklace is 16” long with a built in 3” extender.  I am not sure what I think of the extender, but I love the rest of the chain.  It is a delicate chain that twists as it moves up the neck, creating almost a rope like look without actually being a rope.  The cross itself is a small gothic pattern.  The loop that holds the cross to the chain is in a heart shape.  (You have to look close to see it.)  From top to bottom the cross measures .75”.  It has four circle embellishments running down the cross and two on the arms.  If you are looking for a subtle cross necklace to wear to church on Sunday, or the gothic club Saturday night, I think this works.

The Cabaret Bracelet is two triangles on one side of a hexagon and two more triangles on the other side.  The triangles meet at their points, forming a frame for the hexagon.  There are fourteen hexagons.  Each pair of triangles is attached to one side of the hexagon by a pole running from one triangle’s corner through the hexagon to the other triangle’s corner.  The bracelet is ridged to a point, but moves freely because of its design.  I have to admit I do tend to slip on the Cabaret if I think about it before I leave the house.

If you are interested in direct jewelry, contact Rachael.  I’m sure she does a better job than I do at selling the pieces.  If you are in the Denver Metro Area, hit Rachael up for a party.  I’m positive that she can tell you what to serve better than I can.  I’m guessing rot gut whiskey and chips and dip isn’t on her list.  A good Sam Adams’ brew might just work.   Let’s make this fun.  The first person to book and host a party through Rachael who mentions they saw this blog gets an autographed short story from the Zeidrich Family Chronicles.  To make sure you don’t rush out to call Rachael only to cancel once you get the prize, I’ll send it to Rachael and she’ll bring it to you.

If you do book one of those parties, ask Rachael to tell the story of Julia and Julia’s escape.  If Rachael can’t remember what I am talking about, jog her memory.  It involves Julia from Children’s Museum of Denver, a refrigerator, a terrified friend, and one know-it-all Rachael who was convinced my problems stemmed from the Biblical story of Adam and Eve.  Yeah, no they didn’t.  Trust me.  In the end it all worked out.  Julia and I became good friends.  Turns out that Julia wasn’t that scary once you got to know her well.  Just goes to show you basing your beliefs on someone’s skin color is just plain wrong.  It doesn’t matter if they are of Asian descent, African descent, European descent, Native American descent (you get the point) or happen to be green with funny looking eyes and like sticking out their tongue.  Judging someone before you get to know them can keep you from making a good friend.  (Though, in this case, also gave everyone a really good laugh that Julia wanted me, not anyone who was unafraid of the girl.)  At least I was twelve when I learned this very important lesson.

And don’t forget you can always post a nice little comment on how you like your jewelry or how fun the party was.  Just press that little button under this post.  Let the world know you, too, think Rachael is great.

You can email her at rachaelpainter@gmail.com

Rachael’s phone number is 720-299-9584

Friend Rachael on Facebook for the latest tips and trends in jewelryhttp://www.facebook.com/?ref=logo#!/rlovingpainter?ref=ts.

Make sure to mention you saw her here on the blog so she knows you aren’t some crazy person off the streets.  Though, she just might take any client with money.


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  1. Do I get bonus points for knowing exactly what you are talking about. It is something really special to you and something you have been wanting for a very long time. Hope you have a wonderful day today.

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