The First Sunday

It’s been over a week since I sent in my first query letter.  Tomorrow I send my next letter off to an agent in California.  I think that right now I am still excited about this whole idea.  Though, I go from excited and knowing I can become a published writer to thinking I am an idiot.  After all, who really wants to read about how hate interferes with the life of a neo-Nazi leader and his children and grandchildren?  That’s what I’ve written about, after all.  It’s at times like that I start really annoying my husband, going off as I pace about how stupid I am for doing this.  Amazingly enough, I have gone from certain I will get picked up, to convinced I will cycle through all 51 agents accepting new clients in the family saga genre without finding an agent.  And I’m only finishing the first week.  I know it is highly unlikely I get my first nibble in the first handful of agents I query.  Yet, I still find myself checking my email non-stop during office hours hoping someone at the agency liked the idea.

Oh well, week two has started.  I head out to the post office tomorrow to send off the next query letter.  This time the agency requests a couple of sample chapters and it to be snail mailed.  I am holding out hope that once I mail this query letter I will get a good response.  (Fingers crossed.)

I’ve noticed I’ve discussed the query letter, but I am not sure I explained what the query letter is.  A query letter is a one page letter in size 12 Times Roman that sells a book to an agent.  The first paragraph draws the reader in to the letter.  Most successful query letters open with questions about how the reader would respond to the situations faced by the main characters.  The next paragraph is about your book.  After that you are supposed to write a paragraph about your writing experience.  (That part is hard for someone like me.)  After that, it’s pretty much begging for a chance.

Hopefully, I have perfected my query letter this time.  It’d be nice to have it where it doesn’t get thrown away as soon as the agent’s assistant opens the letter.

Upcoming this week will be a blog on the area my novels are set in, West Texas.  There will also be a review of Rachael Loving-Painter’s jewelry business.  If you have ever wondered if I actually wear jewelry, or know what jewelry is, you should check out Tuesday’s blog.  Oh, and I might just toss my query letter on the blog to see what you guys think of it.

As always, feel free to comment on any post.  I like comments.  Don’t forget to subscribe to the blog.  We’re looking for 20 subscribers.  Tell a friend, or two, or a hundred about the blog.


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