My Very First Blog

Well, here it is, my very first blog. It occurs to me that no one is going to read this, except my family and friends. (Hi, Mom.) After all, doesn’t everyone have a blog these days?
Anywho, who am I? I am a twenty-nine year old woman married to a career airman. My lovely husband just became an officer in the US Air Force after six wonderful years as junior enlisted. This is great for his career, but horrible for me. He moved me to another state and another base, away from my friends and my work in politics. Then, he left for more training. So, I found myself in a small town with no friends and just the dogs for company.
I don’t make friends easily. I would rather be talking about politics or the latest scientific advancement than children. Most wives my age have children. We don’t. It’s not that we don’t want children. We just can’t have them.
Anywho, my wonderful husband leaves me in a new town with no friends. I had a few novels I had written over the past year sitting around. So, I decided to finish them. Imagine my surprise when I realized I wanted to publish my novels! “I can do this” I told myself.
Last weekend I made the choice to go for it. I had been researching how to publish since I was in high school. The first thing I needed to do was start sending out query letters. I sent my first one out Saturday evening. It was horrible. (Yep, I’m hanging my head in shame.) Anyone could tell I was new to the business. I don’t expect to hear back from the agency.
But, I am undeterred. I went out and got a few books on how to write a query letter. I also picked up a couple of books on the publishing industry, and how to market myself and my books. I purchased a domain for a website (which shall come later) and decided it was high time to take up blogging.
While no one is going to follow this, I am still going to be hopeful. I plan to update everyone on my search for an agent and my plans for marketing my books. After all, finding an agent is just part of the battle. He/she has to find a publisher. As a first time author I realize the publishing company is not going to spend money to promote me. It’s my job to promote my novels before they come out and after they come out. This blog will contain other things, like how the next few books are coming. But, I will use it mainly to say how publishing the first book is going. Boring, huh? Then again, aren’t most blogs today?
-Amanda Nicole Trisdale


One thought on “My Very First Blog

  1. I hope this gets through. I have total faith in you and I know you will do well. Love you always.

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